Want to ride more? Get Fat!

If you find yourself not riding as much as you want, then you may want to pay attention to what I’m saying. As you know, mountain bikers in general want to ride, but with a busy lifestyle that involves work, kids, wife as well as other hobbies, who has time to ride?

Well you’re in luck buddy, if you feel that you aren’t on the bike as much as you want, then GET FAT! That’s right, you heard me, GET FAT! Here’s my logic; as regular mountain bikers, we kinda do this sport for the sake of “fun.” But as fat people they are on a “HAVE TO” mentality. So that means they HAVE TO exercise in some form or another to keep from being fat…well…do you get where I’m going with this? Well…do ya?

If not, that’s ok. Try and follow this….remember a few days ago I posting something about “working out?”Well….if you’re fat…you NEED TO WORK OUT…get it? So that means you can go on mountain bike riders for hours on end because its for your health. Heck if you’re really fat, get your doctor to tell you to “exercise” more!

Don’t you get it!?! Get FAT, RIDE MORE! Why? Because you don’t want to be fat and you’re doing it for your health!

But remember, don’t get too skinny, you have to maintain a level of fatness in order for your wife to see that you’re “doing something about it”. This will make them feel better about you out with your buddies for 5 hours downhilling a trail that you get shuttled up to the top with.

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