When should you stop eating before a ride?

carb loading

For years I’ve heard of people “carb-loading” before a big ride and or a run. Not really sure if that’s really a thing or if it’s a myth. Personally, I use it as an excuse to eat a lot of spaghetti…which happens to be one of my favorite foods.  Some people say it works for them and others it doesn’t.

But if you’re anything like me, an average mountain biker who happens to be too short for my BMI, then let me share with you what I do. If you’re one of those super fit XC guys that loses weight when they sneeze or fart, then click on the back button or better yet, go for a ride.

Alright, now that it’s just us REAL Mountain Bikers, let’s get to it. For me, if I know I’m riding in the afternoon around 5pm, then I usually stop eating anything around 1:30pm. If I put anything in my stomach, even a drink after 3:30pm…then it just makes me feel sick when I’m riding. All that gloop is sloshing around in my belly and eventually, it will want to come back up…eew nasty. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of nausea when you’re riding…especially if you’re trying to climb a hill.

If for some reason I do get hungry before my ride, having a piece of fruit helps. I usually will chase it down with half of a Redbull. Anything more then I’ll be feeling it during my ride.

Ok so far we’ve learned that about 3.5 hours before a ride should be the cut off time for food. But if I get a little hungry, small fruit. Taking these precautionary steps helps me have a better time riding. That means I don’t have to carry any food on me just in case I bonk. All I have to do is bring a water bottle and myself. Here’s a pro-tip: carry some non-perishable candies in your saddle bag or hydration pack. Nothing crazy, or anything. But in the event you do hit the wall or bonk, you can easily consume some simple sugars to get you back on the bike.


Importance of a pre-ride meal.

Memorial Day is going to be busy for MtnBikeRiders.com. We’re hosting a ride at Whiting Ranch, in which we’re planning a route that takes us through 14 miles of grueling work. In order to prepare for this ride physically, I had to get some much needed fuel to power my legs for the following morning.

With that in mind, I wanted to make sure that I got enough calories in my body to last the whole ride. I sent a text message to my buddy Khoa in the afternoon to ask if he’d be interested in getting food to fuel up later on in the evening. He agreed.

We ended up driving to the world famous Pink’s Hot Dogs in Los Angeles, “the hot dog of the stars.”

Once we arrived, the line was pretty long. We stood in it for about 20-30 minutes before placing our order.That fantastic shirt I’m wearing is from Evomo, it’s called the RANGER.

Magic being made…


I know you’re wondering why or how a hot dog would be considered for a pre ride meal? Well the way I see it, it’s a perfect food. You have your proteins and carbs. You also get your green veggies to balance things out. Plus you get that “snap” when you bite into them…yum!

The only problem with I had with this perfect meal was the ass explosion that I experienced after eating those delicious dogs. However, it was totally worth it since I’ll be good and ready for the big ride tomorrow.