Dirty Dog MTB at Sea Otter 2011

Our favorite rotor company, Dirty Dog MTB showed off their ability to create custom designs for just about anyone. Check out the Cove Bicycles rotor.

Look at the detail on the braking surface, COVE written all over it, plus killer skulls!

Here it is on Nick’s test bike.

Bling’d out Race Report-Shimano Winter Series #3-2011

During this past weekend the Downhill Dept. of the MtnBikeRiders.com race team was in attendance of Race #3 of the Shimano Winter Series. If you had previously read, I had a jersey made just for this race. The last race I showed up in my brocade blue tuxedo and this time I wanted to make sure I came out with something special.

RL, Art and Wes.

This jersey was well received by racers and spectators. I had so many people complimenting and asking how they can get one.  I had people comment that the chains looked real from far away.

One thing with this race, it was super windy. Not quite as windy as the first race of the season, but gusts were up to 30mph. Much like last time I had a hard time hearing the count down from the gate, but when I heard 5,…3…..1; I rolled out of the gate in a nice easy pace. I made sure that I took it easy because during my practice runs, I was going way too fast out of the gate and found myself not making the first turn and blowing through the other berms. Through the advice of team mates, Corey Pond and Art Aguilar, they told me to just take it slow at the start of the race and make sure I get down the mountain without incident.

As I carved my way down, I make a right turn before a short climb and found my front wheel washing out. I CRASH! Nothing bad, but I was stuck in my SPD pedals. I fidget with my feet to unclip and once I get out, I mount the bike, and start pedaling again. Already frustrated with my crash, I made sure I didn’t panic and start to refocus and continue with my race run.

It wasn’t until I got to the dreaded WALL that the wind hit me hard. I stood up pedaling only to be smacked with strong head wind. I yell out in frustration and to motivate myself….”C’MON RL!!!!” I pedal as hard as I can and occasionally sit down to ease the burn of lactic acid in my quads. I finally cross the finish line and I was pretty happy with my performance. It wasn’t the cleanest race run, but I was not injured.

Results were posted quickly and I was surprised to find myself in 3rd place!

Not sure if you can see it on the podium picture, but that’s a pimp cup in my hand. That was the inspiration for my jersey, besides I had promised my brother that I’d take it up there with me in the event I did well.

I’d like to take this time to thank our sponsors, Evomo Clothing, Ergon USA, VIP Energy Mix, Serfas and Dirty Dog MTB. I also have to give a shout out to Airborne Bicycles. I’ve been racing with the Airborne Taka and this bike has GREATLY improved my downhill riding/racing. Even my own team mates have mentioned that I’ve done better on this bike than any of the other bikes I’ve raced with. I’ve been really happy on how durable and fun it is to ride/race the Taka.

Is it possible to make a Dirty Dog Rotor Better?

The answer is a yes and no…As is, Dirty Dog Rotors are pretty fantastic. But with a bit of magic, you can make them just a TAD (pun intended, but you’ll get it later) bit better.

Here’s what I did. I took Priscilla’s tad pole rotor (provided by Big DeBeer), as you can see its a fun, cool looking rotor by it self.
Dirty Dog Project

Then I grabbed a can of engine enamel and I wrapped up the braking surface with masking tape. I’m sure this already looks familiar since I’ve done this same project with a different rotor. But this time, I’m using a Dirty Dog Rotor, so its 100 times better.
Dirty Dog Project

I then painted each side. I made sure that I got in 2 coats. I used old water bottles to hold the rotors. This allowed for very little contact which means, the paint was applied more evenly.
Dirty Dog Project

I let the paint dry for about a day. Then the masking tape came off….ooooohh purdy!
Dirty Dog Project

This is how it looks mounted from the inside of the rotor.
Dirty Dog Project

The green matches perfectly with the accents on Priscilla’s frame. Besides, frogs are supposed to be green.
Dirty Dog Project

Full view.
Dirty Dog Project
Dirty Dog Project

Hopefully this inspired you to customize your own set of Dirty Dog Rotors, if you don’t have a set, pssh, what are you waiting for! Get some!

Dirty Dog MTB Sponsors The MtnBikeRiders.com Race Team

Fullerton-Ca: Dirty Dog MTB announced today sponsorship of the MtnBikeRiders.com Race Team for the rest of 2010 and through 2011.

Dirty Dog MTB is a rider owned company that manufacturers high quality, high performance bicycle brake rotors, stems and cable guides.

The sponsorship will take the form of on-bike branding by providing each team racer  a set of the new “web rotor” that Dirty Dog MTB recently introduced. This type of branding will ensure excellent visual opportunities for marketing exposure to other riders and racers in various events  as well as being featured on race reports published on MtnBikeRiders.com.

RL Policar-Team Manager stated; “We’ve had a great race season so far. Not only have we grown in our numbers, but our skill levels have greatly improved, thus making us more competitive in the race scene.But most importantly, we’re having fun while we’re racing!

Teaming up with Dirty Dog MTB makes sense for a number of reasons. For one,  Dirty Dog MTB started as a grass roots company in 2005. Rider owned and operated. So that means they know what mountain bikers need and want. Their manufacturing standards are pretty high which means I completely trust their rotors to stop me when needed.  Besides, we actually like the people behind the company. The Dirty Dog MTB management team are down to earth and pretty cool guys. ”

About MtnBikeRiders.com

MtnBikeRiders.com is headquartered out of Fullerton Ca. and is known for its daily dose of mountain biking. The content published on the website varies from articles, news, tech tips, how to’s and much more. MtnBikeRiders.com was founded by Moe Ramirez and RL Policar in the winter of 2006 and was launched in January 2007. Since then MtnBikeRiders.com has published over 2300 articles.

About Dirty Dog MTB

Dirty Dog MTB is a rider owned company incorporated in 2005. Started with 3 rotors, now their catalog boasts  multiple product lines and distribution all over the world. The company is based in the SF Bay Area, where Mt Biking was born. Dirty Dog MTB products are made with highest quality materials, and are fabricated using state of the art manufacturing processes.

Interbike 2009: Dirty Dog MTB

So what’s new with Dirty Dog MTB for 2010? Stamped rotors.

Traditionally, their rotors are laser cut…thus the cool designs. But for 2010, the new stamped rotors will allow Dirty Dog to dramatically drop the price, making them very affordable.

Left rotor, stamped. Right rotor, laser cut.

Dirty Dog MTB & a Special Guest

We hooked up with Dirty Dog MTB while out at Sea Otter 2008 again to check out some of the new stuff they had going on. If you don’t know, Dirty Dog makes some of the best looking rotors out there. Not only do they look killer they also perform as well as if not better than stock rotors of the same size. We know this from experience as both RL & I have run different rotor designs from Dirty Dog for almost a year now.

Some new designs that Dirty Dog has included in its rotor lineup:

the High Roller

the Bone Burner

They have also reduced the weight of their Reaper Skull Stem although for the life of me I can’t remember by how much or what its current weight is at.

Guess who else liked Dirty Dog MTB’s products… Gary Fisher. Yeah that Gary Fisher, as if there was any other. GF stopped by the booth as we were perusing the new designs and I couldn’t help but overhear how GF wanted some of those sweet rotors on his rig too. By the way I mumbled a quick “Hi Gary? as if we’ve known each other forever or something. Me & Gary, we’re just cool like that.

Gary Fisher talking with Nick DeBeer of Dirty Dog MTB

Nick has a cool orange custom 29er behind his right elbow. I should have gotten a better picture of it. And Gary Fisher is checking out the Skull Cable Guides.

Click here for Dirty Dog MTB’s website.