Dressed for the Occasion

I’m curious to know if I’m not alone on this. But usually, depending on what type of riding I’ll be doing or what type of bike I’ll be on, I normally dress for it. So if I’m on a longer travel bike, I dress like so…my skater helmet, some sort of loose fitting shirts (cuz that’s how I roll) and ofcourse some baggy shorts. Or I’ll wear my bibs underneath some cargo shorts and a belt.

But if its a XC, do you dress like this, tights/bibs and club fit jersey.

If you’re a freerider/dirt jumper, do you dress like this…jeans, t shirt and a pair of Vans?

MtnBikeRiders.com Videos Posted on SeaOtterClassic.com

That’s right folks, the videos we shot and edited made it to the Sea Otter Classic Home Page….AGAIN! This is the second time they’ve used our videos to showcase what you can see at the event.

The videos were a collaboration between the work of myself(footage/editing), Jeremy (photos) and Moe(videos), in other words it was a team effort. The videos they featured were of Ryan Leech’s show and the SRAM Dual Stunt Show. You can check out SeaOtterClassic.com or watch them below to relive the experience.