Dressed for the Occasion

I’m curious to know if I’m not alone on this. But usually, depending on what type of riding I’ll be doing or what type of bike I’ll be on, I normally dress for it. So if I’m on a longer travel bike, I dress like so…my skater helmet, some sort of loose fitting shirts (cuz that’s how I roll) and ofcourse some baggy shorts. Or I’ll wear my bibs underneath some cargo shorts and a belt.

But if its a XC, do you dress like this, tights/bibs and club fit jersey.

If you’re a freerider/dirt jumper, do you dress like this…jeans, t shirt and a pair of Vans?

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  1. i prefer baggies and a loose fit cycling shirt, no matter what kind of riding i do. except when its hot, then i go with club fit, it just feels cooler. the only time i change from a visored mtb helmet is when i’m road biking.

  2. when i commute i usually wear some cargo knickers i made regardless of what bike.

    usually wear the same when dirt jumping/urban blah

    spandex is mandatory for my xc/roadieness

  3. Baggies and a loose fitting shirt every time. I just can’t get comfortable in tight fitting clothing. If I ever do venture out and get a road bike, I’ll probably be the only guy in baggies!

  4. Well I think Vince and I had talked about riding our SS bikes…but I’ll be wearing my cycling clothing while Vince in a spaghetti strapped sun dress.

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