Ride an Epic-Urban Style

If you’re not from SoCal…or Orange County…Fullerton to be exact, then you may not know that the city of Fullerton is actually known for many things such as, night life, Fox Theater, Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton College and more. But the city is also known for its mountain biking.

The odd thing about the Fullerton Loop is that its literally in the middle of the city and its connected by a patch work of trails that the city maintains. RC or Richard Cunningham of Mountain Bike Action Magazine was coined to be the fella that discovered the Fullerton Loop back in the early 80’s. Our friend and mountain bike hall of famer, Steve Boehmke along with RC reminisced during a conversation we had at the media center at Sea Otter 2008, about the summer days of 1982 when they and a group of other riders would find new ways to enjoy the trail that was originally designed for Equestrians (horse people).

I’ve been riding the Loop for many years now and it remains to be one of my favorite trails ever. It’s fun and you can make it as technical as you want it to be. So wanting to find out more about the trail that I adore, I went to the city of Fullerton’s website to see if where the other trails are located in the city. it’s been rumored that you can actually ride an epic in Fullerton. I then found out that Fullerton has over 28 miles of trails…not bad!

Here’s a list of them:
Featured Trails:
Name Length Type
Brea Dam Trail 1.59 miles Regional
Bud Turner Trail 1.84 miles Backbone/ Regional
East Coyote Hills Trail 1.79 miles Regional
Hiltscher Park Trail 1.39 miles Backbone
Juanita Cooke Greenbelt & Trail 2.79 miles Backbone
Lost Trail 0.65 mile Regional
Nora Kuttner Trail 0.64 mile Regional
Panorama Trail 1.52 miles Backbone
Parks Road Trail 1.30 mile Backbone
Rosecrans Trail 1.63 miles Regional
Sally Pekarek Trail 0.78 mile Backbone

Other Recreational Trails:
Name Length Type
Castlewood Trail 1.33 miles Connector
Hermosa Trail 1.09 miles Street/ Connector
Horse Alley 0.61 mile Backbone
Las Palmas Trail 1.06 mile Street/ Connector
Lucy Van Der Hoff Trail 0.88 mile Connector
Pioneer Trail 0.27 mile Street/ Backbone
Rolling Hills Trail 0.88 mile Street/ Backbone
Valencia Mesa Trail 1.16 miles Street/ Connector

Some of these trail lengths may seem low…0.88 mile…but that’s because most of them eventually run into each other. But other trails like Valencia Mesa, Panorama and Rolling Hills are further from the other trails, but you could easily ride to it.

So here’s what I’m thinking, I’m going to schedule a day where I can ride all of these trails…you know an epic. People do say that a ride over 25 miles counts as an epic. I’ll keep everyone posted when this will happen. Most likely Priscilla will be with me since she’s the Epic Queen.

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