Jersey-Maiden Voyage

Yesterday’s after work Single Speed Extraveganza was the first time I was able to wear the new Jersey. But before we get to that, I wanted to share a few photos of the group that went. I say it was a single speed extraveganza, but in reality it was only Khoa, Joe and I that were on SS rigs. But our friends Ryan K. (the man behind my buff photo), Val and his brother Eric were on geared bikes.

Here’s our mandatory group shot.

And another…

Ok, now for the jersey. The fabric is Dry Fit, which means its moisture wicking and its super comfy. The cut and style allows for great arm movements, perfect for technical riding and climbing. The loose fit is great because I never felt constricted.

Sorry for the blurry photos, I just got this new camera and I’m not so sure how to set it up to take photos, but thanks to Ryan for taking them.

Here’s a side profile, that’s my new SS Red Rocket…it had red tires before…thus the name.

A staged photo of me climbing.

I do want to thank the rest of the guys for being patient with me. Man I am WAY out of shape…and I’m feeling the effects of the 170mm cranks…I’m spinning too much.

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  1. Dang RL, sorry about the pics. I think perhaps my hands were a little shaky from the uphill climb! Let me know when more jerseys get printed so I can buy one.

  2. That is a nice Jersey I want to order one too, thanks for riding with you guys and looking forward for more.

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