Little things that make mountain biking more fun

There’s a couple of things that everyone can do to make their bike rides just a bit more personal and fun. One thing I could suggest that Priscilla and I usually is to have Crazy Sock Day. Yup its as crazy as it sounds. This is where we get Four Loko Crazy and wear…CRAZY socks!

Another fun thing to do, and its probably the most obvious is to wear a great looking jersey. Some people go as far as making sure they match everything about their bike, even their tires. But like I said, that’s a fun thing to do.

So when I found out that the Tuxedo jerseys were done, I was excited to show them off. Lucky for me one of our friends Dustin had ordered one and by chance he was riding the Fullerton Loop the same day as we were. By the way I was super pleased to see the craftsmanship and quality that went into these. Just to let you all know, the Tuxedo jerseys are designed and hand-made right here in the good ol’ US of A, Southern California to be exact. So don’t be surprised if you start chanting USA USA USA. Cuz’ that’s what I do when I use/wear things that are made in America.

But I digress, since I was already wearing the blue tux, Dustin wore the orange. Check us out, we’re looking pretty distinguished.

Then after our ride, we headed over to a fine dining restaurant where they served our beverages in paper cups and straws.

Believe it or not, the Tuxedo Jerseys gets a TON of compliments and heckles. The encouragement comes from people who can appreciate a great looking jersey and the harassment typically come from douche bags.

One last thing that I’ve done to make riding more fun is to get a different helmet. I actually own 7 helmets, all ranging from skater to full face. What can I say, I like to match my helmet with my outfits. So when I got the latest helmet from my buddy Officer Ben who works for a very large Police Dept, I was STOKED! OMG! Ever since I was a young lad in the 80’s, and the hit TV show CHiPs came out, I’ve always wanted a Police helmet. Turns out Officer Ben’s dept has a quarterly sale on retired police equipment, and when the opportunity came, he got me one! Thanks again Officer Ben!


So what about you? What kind of things do you do to make your rides a bit more personal and fun?

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