For those of you who like mountain biking…

Never since the original LA Coliseum Superbowl of Motocross has there been an event like this. Southridge Racing Club owner Donny Jackson put up some bucks, secured a mini stadium, found some dirt, and designed a 4-Cross course. He even tracked down the original Superbowl of Motocross announcer, Larry Motor Mouth Huffman. The main event is slated to take place September 24, during 2008 Interbike.

Invited athletes include Eric Carter, Rich Houseman, Dale Holmes, Chris Kovarik, Brad Oien, JD Swanguen, Mike Haderer, Cody Warren, Brian Lopes, Kirt Voreis, Nathen Rennie, Brian Schmith, Carter Holland, Jared Rando, Ross Milan, Kyle Strait, Ryan Conderashoff, John Hauer and Petr

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2 Replies to “ARENA MTN-X”

  1. Those Southridge guys know how to put on a race. Man, that sounds awesome. Maybe this will be a way to bring mountain biking(4X at least) to a larger audience. Sure would be a nice setup for spectators.

  2. Sounds AWESOME!!! I hope this goes off and some day there are 100’s of people waiting to grab a gate like in the early 80’s….AA Pro BMX. Can’t wait to see videos, pictures, highlights, anything!! I hope Carter Holland spanks you all!! See ya at the snack bar baby….cause Carter’s gonna be in the finals! Ahhh Ha!

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