I want to get back in the gym…

I’m feeling a bit pudgy since the whole weight loss contest. I could use a few excuses about having to start a new job, getting accustomed to it and all that jazz, but in reality, I’ve been WAY lazy.

Some day I want to look like this young buck.

But our buddy Ryan K. took the liberty to help me visualize…

Thanks man!

Anyhow, I’ll need some tips on which exercises to consider when I’m pumping some iron. I also need to make sure that the stuff I’m doing will benefit my riding. So for all you gym rats that’s out there, please provide me some tips on what I can do to work out. My goal is about 3x times a week, keep in mind I have a bad left knee….so squats would be pretty much out of the question. Unless there’s a way for me to build up my leg power and eventually work towards squats.

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  1. i would seriously reconsider squats. start out low and work your way up. don’t push it due to the bad knee but incorporate them some how. i would stick to compound moves instead of isolation moves. isolation moves usually only involve 1 joint moving. compound moves include bench press, squat, seated/bent row, pull ups, shoulder press, dips, etc. you can also look up the bill starr 5×5, use google.

  2. forgot to add about squats. go all the way down as low as you can. usually this is past the parallel point. it is better for your knees than stopping mid way.

  3. If anyone wants to see serious results fast I HIGHLY recommend this workout called P90X or Power 90 X. It is better than any gym workout that I’ve ever done, cheaper than a gym membership and results are unbelievable! It is an at home DVD workout. Basically you need some dumbbells or workout bands and a chin up bar. The package also includes a book with nutrition info and really good recipes.

    My wife is doing it now and the transformation is amazing! I am about to start it as well.

    Check out their website here. http://www.beachbody.com

  4. A typical healthy human being will only consume enough calories on a daily basis to maintain their natural body weight. If they intended to put on weight, they would need to consume more calories to allow their body to do so. This is the mindset of a bodybuilder, they don’t intend to have a normal everyday physique, so therefore neither should they consume a normal everyday diet.

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