Interbike 2008: WOOdman Axis SL COMP headset

WOOdman Components sent us their Axis SL COMP headset.  This is a lightweight headset made out of a CNC-machined 6061 T6 aluminum. 

IMG_9062 copy by you.

The Axis SL COMP is one of WOOdman’s more popular lightweight and light priced headsets.  It has WOOdman’s proprietary C45/45 full ball cartridge bearings.


Size:           1 1/8”
Weight:       117 grams
Materials:     CNC-machined 6061 T6 aluminum
Colors:         Black, Blue, Gold, Red and Pewter

Includes Capsule Comp

Additional features for the Axis headsets:

– Top Cup with Seal for better fitting
– WOOdman’s proprietary full ball cartridge bearing.  No retainer for better contact between balls
– Fork Crown with Seal (Axis IC/ICR) for better maintenance of the headset
– Angled Bearing + Angled Cup for better contact and easier installation

IMG_9059 by you.

Claimed weight is 117 grams, however on my scale at home it weighed in at 107.5 grams (even better).

I visited the WOOdman booth at Interbike.  They certainly have a fine line of components.  I’ll be installing this onto my Rigid Single Speed project (details to come).  For more information visit their site at

Interbike 2008: Waiting

While we were waiting to do an interview with a company, I started filming us and even translated for Joe since his EngRish isn’t all that swell. Eh…I bet you didn’t know that I was bilingual…just watch the Masta in action.

Beer Me!

During the show, beer literally flows like water. In fact, if you get dehydrated during the show, you’re more likely to drink the free beer than pay $5.00 for a bottle of water…what I’m broke! So on Wednesday, happy hour started. We had seen one of the other media people toting around some beer and asked her where she found it. She gave us two spots, one was the Haro Booth, the other was the Power Bar booth. But we also found another booth that offered this delicious elixir.

While Moe stayed at the Media Center to upload some photos, Joe, Priscilla and I went on a trek to find some beer. We made it to the Power Bar booth and got in line. We noticed they were serving the beer in pint glasses and plastic cups. So we asked how can we get a glass. The fella that worked for Power Bar goes into this long explanation that only Dealers could receive the pint glasses and that everyone else would get the plastic Dixie cups. I jokingly tell him that we’re MEDIA and we should get some glasses since we’re the ones that tell the whole world about their products. As he went on and on about how he can’t risk his job to give us pint glasses, the bar tender gave us beer in glasses…hehe. So then I turned to the fell and said thanks, but Mr. Power Bar Employee got mad and scolded the bar tender…

Then we we were off to get Moe some beer since they only allowed 1 per person at Power Bar. We headed over to Haro, but they were all out. But Oakley was giving away some Coors Light right across the way, so Joe and Priscilla loaded up while I watched from a distance.

When we got back to the Media Center, Moe was pleased…well we all were. Beer was a much needed treat after working hard all day long.
interbike beer

Interbike is Over and my back hurts…

We drove in last night around 9pm from Vegas and man, do our backs hurt! But you know what, we took one for you our favorite people in the world, our readers. Oh wait, my favorite people in the world are Priscilla, Moe, Joe and Jeremy, so you folks will be my second favorite.

Anyhow, we’re sorting through hundreds of photos of the event as well as hours of videos. As we work through those, we’ll get them up on the site. But for now here’s a few pictures of your crew hard at work…

At the Intense booth

Interview with Melissa Buhl

Moe working hard on a beer.

Moe working hard on a rib at a buffet…

RL impersonating a bug with crab legs at a buffet…

A photo of the two best “Vince” people in the entire universe. Look! I’m in a Vince Sandwich!

Ok like I’ve mentioned we’ll be working through all of our media to provide you with some of the things we’ve seen at the show. So sit tight and wait, or go ride your bike!

Interbike 2008

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posting things about the show. We’ve had meetings galore on Wednesday so that didn’t leave much time for us to sit down and post about the show.

But don’t worry we’ve taken a few hundred photos and a some HD quality video of things like the Crank Brothers new wheelset, the Pronghorn “ride on top” carbon bikes and a boat load of other things.

We’ll be spending more time today interviewing, creating videos as well as taking a few hundred more photos.

I’m So Excited!

Interbike is next week and the MtnBikeRiders and staff are heading out to the show to bring you some of the newest innovations in the bicycle industry. We’re also going for the industry parties and buffets!

Make sure you check out the sites through out the day since we’ll be doing our best to update it as much as we can.

Going to Interbike!

Just last week, the MtnBikeRiders crew received our registration packets to attend Interbike. This will be Joe Solancho’s first time to the show, so to say the least, he’s VERY excited.

I am too. I love Interbike. Sure the new stuff is cool to see, but what I truly enjoy about the show is the After Show, the BUFFETS! Last year, we went out as a crew to eat some grub…crab legs, sushi, steaks…you name it…we ate it.

This year we’re doing something different. We’ll be incorporating the use an HD camera to conduct interviews, product features and all that fancy stuff.

So make sure you check out the site during the show on Sept 24-26th, 2008.

Countdown to Interbike 2008

Interbike is happening on Sept 24-26, 2008. That’s pretty much right around the corner. If you remember last year’s Interbike coverage, we had a blast bringing you some of the newest and greatest products out there. But at the same time we went as regular folks. We still oooh and ahhh at some of the best things at Interbike, and yes we’re like teenage girls when it comes to mountain biking celebs!

We look forward to this year since we’ll have a bigger staff going for more coverage. We had our condo booked a few months ago, so that mean’s all we have to do is drive there!