Simple tip to keep your helmet from getting too stanky

Have you ever sniffed your helmet 2 days after riding it? It’s gonna smell musty and it’s going to have some stank in it. So here’s a quick little tip for you. Pour some water on it right after you ride. This will help neutralize your sweat and prevent all that nasty stuff from smelling. Seriously it works, I’ve been doing this for a while now and it certainly does the trick. Just make sure you get the pads all soaked. Better yet, hose off your helmet once you get home.

photo 2 (4)

Having Children Will Totally Cramp Your Style

If you’re of age where you are starting to consider if you should have kids or not, then you better listen up. Having children will totally cramp your style. Don’t get me wrong, I love my three kids and all that, but the reality is, if I didn’t have kids, I’d probably have more money in the bank, have more toys like boats and crap like that. Plus I’d be mountain biking more rather than doing parental duties like clothing, feeding and providing my kids shelter as well as a good education.


Do you know what happens to people who start having kids? They eventually stop riding bikes or having any type of fun. These people are the same ones that end up taking a 12 year hiatus from riding. I say 12 because that’s about the age where most parents feel comfortable leaving their kids home alone. Once these people return to mountain biking, the high end bikes they bought…12 years ago are way out dated and has become a hipster’s dream. These bikes become sorta cool again for wayfarer wearing, tight jean, bearded guys who end up taking those bikes and bastardizing them into grocery commuters or worse, some sort of fixed gear thing where they’ll grind off all the cable routes or anything that sticks out that was once useful back in its day.

Typically when people have their first kid, their life pretty much stops. Some will say that having a kid will only make their life more exciting. Um, no…Kids won’t do that. In fact your life becomes centered around those boogery things that you call “sweetheart” and “buddy.” Weekends…remember those? You know, that was the time you’d go on your epic rides with your buddies, eat and drink beer afterwards. Well, kiss weekends goodbye because when you have kids you end up going to lame birthday parties for other style cramping kids. You end up meeting other dads who “used-to” to do this and that and they’ll talk to you about how they were at one time COOL. But not no more! They had kids and now they’re just like you…wishing and day dreaming of times when they used to go to the bike park where you get on a ski lift just so you could ride your bike down!

Oh by the way, did I mention that kids will steal your cool factor. You know how? Mini-van, that’s how! Yep, you’ll be driving a mini-van because you can no longer transport those things.err..your kids safely in your 2 door sports car. When you drive a mini-van, you no longer look cool when you’re blasting your hip-hop or alternative or even classic rock. You’ll look like a has-been, even worse, a creepy old guy.

dad in a minivan

Oh let me fill you in on the expenses of having a kid or kids. They’re pricey things. Just in food alone I spend close to $1000 a MONTH. Yep, that includes groceries and times that we eat out. That doesn’t even include car insurance. Two of my kids drive and to have them on my policy bumped my premium to well over $520 per MONTH. Plus you’ve got all the other stuff like school expenses and clothing. Ugh…seriously, don’t have kids! Think about all that money you’d be saving…no really, think real hard. All that money I spend a month for kids, shoot, I could be going to Hawaii each month for a vacation!

So there you have it, kids will totally cramp your style, they cost money, the prevent you from mountain biking. Oh here’s another thing you should know, my own kids think that kids in general suck. Now that this article is pretty much over, I’m sure you think I’ll say something like…”as much as I talk smack about kids, I love mine” and then show a picture of me and my kids hugging or smiling. Nope. I’ll tell you what, I’ll show you a picture of where I’d rather be if I had all that money in my bank account…on a beach drinking beer and having tacos or some sort of meat plate.


What’s going on with the Two Tituses

titus rockstarWell it’s been well over a year since I received the Titus Rockstar 29er Alloy and about the same for LadyP’s Carbon Titus Rockstar 29er. Both bikes have performed flawlessly. No issues with the frames at all. The only thing that’s really gone wrong with these bikes is that we’re starting to wear them out.

What I mean is my drive train is now skipping, LadyP needs new brake pads and possibly new grips. So other than those normal wear and tear things, the frames have held up. If you recall I built up both of these frames. I absolutely enjoy riding the alloy (blue) because it’s pretty responsive, nimble and it does great on the steeps. LadyP loves the fact that her bike is full carbon. There’s actually a story to that…

Right around the time I got it for her, she mentioned to a friend that she might be getting a “carbon” bike. This friend scoffed at the idea that she’d even get one and even challenged her by stating, “It has to be ALL carbon, not just parts on it.” Well to his surprise she rolled up on the Titus with big smiles on her face.

Long story short, LadyP and I are very satisfied with the Titus Rockstars. We’ve had many miles of adventures with it and you know what, I’ve yet to get a flat on this bike in a full year! Dangit, I think I just jinxed myself!

Got sticky suspension?

I believe the proper terms is: Stiction. This is when your fork isn’t buttery smooth, instead it sorta grabs or sticks when you’re squishing down on your fork or rear suspension. If you’re having issues, try this great product, it’s made by Finishline and it’s stanchion lube. Makes your fork and rear shocks super slippery.

I noticed that my KHS Lucky 7 was experiencing stiction the fork. This is common on Marzocchi forks, so I busted out my small bottle of this fancy lube and went to town.
finishline stanchion lube

Apply some on the felt pad that comes with the kit.

Then liberally apply on stanchions. After doing so, cycle or squish your forks up and down to ensure that the lube gets all the way down into the seals.
stanchion lube

That’s it! This should help your stiction issues on your fork or shock.

A Must Have tool: Pro Grabit

Pro grabit
So are you wondering what this thing does? Well it’s simple, it helps you remove stripped allen heads with ease. I’ve actually featured this tool before. But recently I used it on my motorcycle. I needed to remove a engine guard, but the allen heads were stripped on the screw.

This was the screw that I removed by using the Pro Grabit.
pro grabit

5 years ago, I demonstrated how well this Pro Grabit works on this video below. I paid $20 for the little kit, but have used it in various applications through out the years. Trust me, get one of these and it will pay for itself in no time!

Let’s give it up to Planet X/Titus for excellent customer service!!!

A while back Lady P and I were riding Rockit in Aliso Woods. This is a fun rock garden that we’ve ridden before. As we entered the trail, I see a little lip off to the side and I decided to take it. Boom I launch of it, land the rear tire first and then the front. I keep rolling but eventually I come to a stop to make sure Lady P was ok. Yep, I do that. I will stop at mid descent just to make sure my main squeeze is ok. Anyhow, as I’m waiting I hear a hissing sound. I’m thinking, “Oh great…flat!” But upon closer inspection I didn’t have a flat, but I had a blown rear shock!

Can you see what’s wrong with this photo?
Titus Rockstar, blown rear shock

To borrow a line from Bill Murray in Stripes, “BLOWN UP SIR!”
titus rockstar

Immediately I contact El Guapo over at Planet X/Titus. Mind you this was on a Saturday morning. He was actually at Sea Otter working as an exhibitor. I didn’t think he’d respond until Monday, but within a few minutes, he asked what happened and began the warranty claim for the rear shock. Come the following week, I was sent a #RMA and a shipping label so the shock could be sent back to Rockshox.
Blown out o-ring.

Not quite sure how my shock blew up like that. But it took about 2 weeks for Rockshox to send me a replacement. Yes I said a replacement. Oh by the way, El Guapo actually offered to send me a “loaner” shock until I got mine back from warranty. But I declined his generous offer since I had other bikes I could ride.

So this is my NEW shock. It’s similar to the oem shock, but the newer year model.
Rockshox Monarch RT3
So there you have it…a story about great customer service by El Guapo. It’s not like the Titus Rockstar failed, but he was on it when it came to getting an RMA from Rockshox. The whole process was painless, yes it was inconvenient to have the shock blow out. But I’m glad I had El Guapo on my side facilitating the warranty claim.

Top 50 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get into Mountain Biking

As much as I love mountain biking, I realized there are some pitfalls to the sport. But I found these out AFTER the fact that I started riding. Perhaps if someone told me about them, I may have gotten into bowling or mopeds….ya I can picture…….

With that in mind, don’t get into mountain biking because…

1.Expensive to get into.

2.Parts break all the time.

3.Parts wear out.

4.Flat tires.

5.Throwing up after a climb on your single speed.

6. Sweat.



9.Getting hurt.

10. Ticks.

11. Poison Oak.

12. Bug bites.

13. Moldy water bladder.

14.Walking after your bike breaks down.

15. Driving 50 miles to ride 10 miles.

16.Loss of money.

17. Poor resale value of products.

18.Addicted to mountain biking websites.

19.Always looking out for a good deal.

20. Getting into online fights about what is better, 26,650, 29er.

21. Convincing the wife to let you go riding.

22.Trying to get the girlfriend into riding.

23.Hoping that your kids will become the next world champion.

24. Sweaty balls.

25. Chamois…how come it’s not spelled SHAMMY?

26.Bicycle that cost more than my car.

27.Garage becomes your own personal shop.

28. Can’t decide on which jersey to wear.

29. Cycling socks…you don’t need them. There’s no Sock-Police to tell you that you HAVE to wear them. Just use regular socks.

30. You don’t like people.

31. You don’t like douche bags.

32. You are a douche bag.

33. Racing.

34. Jumps.

35. Rocks.

36. Air shocks.

37. Tubeless tires that leak.

38. Too many types of lube to choose from.

39. XT, XTR,XO,X7,STX,KKK,ABC, BBW,DEORE,RED…too many product lines to remember.

40. Not being able to breathe after a climb.

41. Can’t bunny hop.

42. Can’t wheelie.

43. Can’t change a flat.

44. Can’t fix your bike.

45. No power tools involved when fixing a bike….pssh. mOaR POWaH!!!

46. Garage full of bikes.

47. 1Bed Room Apt full of bikes, no room for furniture.

48. Bike hoarding.

49. Excess parts…you’ll never need that 7speed freewheel again, but you hold on to it just in case!

50. Fun. Yes…it’s too fun.

But don’t you worry, I’m not a Negative Nancy, I did find one reason why you should get into it and it’s probably the main reason why I tell people to try it…and that’s #50…yep, It’s fun! I can’t even count how many times I’ve had a fun time riding with Lady P and my friends. From all the memories of racing, biking trips and the great conversations I’ve had over the years, I simply love mountain biking.

Genuine Innovations Tubeless Ready Kit: Review

Not too long ago I posted a photo of the new Genuine Innovations Tubeless Ready Kit that we received for testing. Since I’m a huge fan of Ghetto Tubeless, this kit caught my attention because it basically takes the same ideas as the Ghetto Tubeless, but it packaged up all in one bundle. It comes with all the things you need to go tubeless. From the Slime Sealant, Gorilla Tape, Valve Stems, CO2 cartridges levers and even a measuring cup.

Genuine Innovations Tubeless Ready Kit

Taping up the rim with the Gorilla Tape included in the kit.


I used a tire lever to tuck in the tape and make sure I had a good seal. One thing you have to do is start from the valve hole and finish about 5-8″ after it. Then just use a razor to cut out the valve hole and install the stem.

Here’s the rim all taped and ready to go with the valve stem installed (not shown)

Valve stem installed.

I followed the directions on the amount of Slime to use per tire and proceeded to fill in the casing with the green goo. What’s interesting about the Slime is that it’s very slick but not too sticky. Unlike Stan’s, there’s no small particles floating inside the mixture.

Though the packaging stated “Tubeless Ready” I went with what I thought most people would be doing with this kit, converting their regular non-ust tires to go tubeless. Some may call it Ghetto Tubeless, I call it budget tubeless. Anyhow on the left you see a GEAX AKA 29 (in which I know works for ghetto tubeless-previous article) and the other is a Kenda Karma. Notice the green Slime leaking out of the Kenda? Well that never sealed.

In fact the Slime sealant it self just wasn’t that great in sealing either tire. I tried to let it set up and seal in a span of a few days. Basically I’d air it up, shake the wheel around to get the Slime sloshed around towards the leaks, but it just wouldn’t hold. I’ve done tubeless before with Stan’s and usually it’s a pretty easy thing to do. But with the Slime sealant just didn’t work.

Here’s how bad it got. After about 4 days of trying to get my tires to seal, I gave up and dumped out the Slime and replaced it with Stan’s. Guess what, that held. It worked so well that I’m currently running Stan’s sealant with the Genuine Innovations Tubeless Ready Kit.

Now I can’t certainly say that this kit is a flop. Actually it’s pretty clever to package up all the things you need to convert to tubeless, but it’s that Slime Sealant that makes this kit pointless. The retail for this kit averages to $50. But what if we do the math and create our own kit, could it be cheaper? Keep in mind that the kit comes with C02 cartridges, and tire levers.  However, if you were to get the basic things you need to go tubeless, then it’s going to be way cheaper.

Stan’s Sealant: $15

DT Swiss Tubeless Valves:$15 ( for a set)

1″ Gorilla Tape: $4

Total of $34.00

Ghetto Tubeless is even cheaper

2, 20″ presta valve tubes: $12

Stan’s Sealant: $15

Total of: $27.00

So take it for what it’s worth, the Slime Sealant didn’t work for our test, but the kit is a great idea. If you decided to go with the Genuine Innovations Tubeless Ready kit, go ahead and get a bottle of Stan’s Sealant with it.

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#TBT aka: Throw Back Thursday

On the wonderful world of Social Media there’s something that goes on every Thursday called Throw Back Thursday or #TBT. Since most mountain bikers are visual learners ( I made that up), I figured here’s a list of various videos that showcase some of our favorite things from the days of our childhood.

M.A.S.K. I think this show helped me develop a love for full face helmets.

GoBots…everyone knows that they came out first, so that means Transformers copied them.

The Animal. Man didn’t this toy seemed like it was the best thing EVER!

Since we are a bicycle site, check out this totally rad Huffy commercial.

I’m sure there’s more videos that I can post, but this one is pretty cool. It’s the Helltrack scene from Rad, one of my favorite movies ever!

Soyater Bicycles

We’re happy to introduce a new bicycle company in the USA. It’s so new that we’ve got the only two of it’s kind. What makes the Soyater so special? Well first of all it’s full carbon and they’re 650b/27.5. So let’s take a look at the two models we have. Soyater MSRP: Braver (red and black) $2000 and the Team (green and black) $1300.

Shimano Deore 2×10 drive train. SR Suntour XCT fork. WTB tubeless wheels and tires. Soyater branded cockpit., Decipher Hydraulic Brakes.

Soyater Braver 650b Carbon Mountain Bike

Soyater Team 650b.Shimano Deore 2×10. SR Suntour XCT forks. Mechanical brakes, Soyater branded cockpit. CST tires and Maverick wheels.

Both models feature:
-Full Carbon 27.5 Soyater Frames with 1.5 Tapered Head tube. Available in 15″,17″ 19 and 21″
-2×10 Speed Shimano Deore Drive Trains
-Soyater Aluminum Bars, Stem and Seat Post
-Suntour XCT Coil Suspension with Lockout
3 Year Manufacture Warranty.
“Braver”Model Feature:
-WTB W500 Tubeless Rims with Novatech hubs &WTB tubeless Tires. Standard QR front and rear. Disc only rims and hubs.
-Techtro Hydraulic Disc Brakes
“Team” Model Feature:
-Cable Actuated Shimano Disc Brakes and Non Tubeless Rims and Tires.



Soyater Geo specs

Like I mentioned, these are the only two of it’s kind in existence. We’ll be putting them through the paces in the next few weeks to see how the do. But if you want more info about the Soyater Bikes, you can go to