Chain Issues?

So I recently acquired a new On-One Ringmaster 30t to install onto the Titus Rockstar 29er Alloy.  But when I installed it with my existing drive train (chain and cassette), I started experiencing some chain-skippage and as you know, this type of skippage kinda does suck. With that newfound info, I decided to text a photo of what was happening to El Guapo of Planet X (distributor of On-One and Titus).

On-One Ringmaster 30

photo 2(6)  Notice how the chain was binding? El Guapo said that I need a new chain. So I took his word for it and ordered one the same day. I went with a decent budget chain, a KMC X10.93 10Speed. I picked it up for about $20. Once I got it, I installed it. Below is a photo of the new chain right before my ride.

kmc chain 10 speedI’m happy to say that El Guapo was absolutely correct! New chain totally fixed the skippage. But now I noticed that my cassette needs to be replaced. Looks like I’ll be doing that before this weekend. Anyhow, I want to give a big thanks to El Guapo from Planet X for his Suprese (pronounced-Soo-Preh-seh) knowledge!

Titus on a comeback!

Recently saved by On-One from permanently disappearing in the cycling world, Titus was at the Sea Otter showcasing their bikes. Nothing new at the moment, but they were there showing their presence and that they are here to stay.
Titus show casing their current line-up


Speaking to the rep, they have several plans that will appeal to many Titus followers. For one, the good looking El Guapo is slated to change from 160mm to 170mm of rear travel. Plans for other 29er models are also on the table. Keep checking their site for updates.