Leandro Parada’s Super D Race Report

First race of the year which also means this was the first race at the KMC Chains Winter Series at Southridge, Fontana. What can I say, we had perfect temperatures for riding, a very dry course for winter, no rain, no mud, and many people out there trying to get it. We started out the morning by doing the registration line, which was short, but still took us 1 hr to get to the front due to the XC racers showing up late for registration, then Kyle as well as a couple of my other friends, Sandra,Kevin and myself headed up to do some practice runs. As we got to the top of the road, we started looking for the blue arrows which marks the SD course, we did 4 little runs on a section until someone told us we were on the wrong track, the SD course was on the other side of the hill, and not on what we were running on.

Leandro’s Super D Race Run

I got to do 2 dry runs before the race. Didn’t feel that great about it, just felt ok. Not too fast, not too slow, and due to the dry, dusty and sandy conditions of the track I didn’t want to go too fast either. Race time came about, I was pumped and ready. I lined up at the start, 3, 2, 1, Go!

I felt really good on my run, and a few slow sections, and made it down in 1 piece, overall I was happy with the Run I did, but I know it could have been faster. and the end of the day, I finished 7th of 14, not bad, but will have to step my game up for the next race if I want to place. I like that we have a good group of fast guys my class, which makes things a little more interesting and challenging.Looking forward to the next race! I’d like to thank my sponsors for their support MtnBikeRiders.com and the Dainese D-Store Orange County.

2012 MtnBikeRiders.com Team Jersey and Caps Debut

This past weekend was the California Golden State Championships in Fontana, Ca. This event was the end of a 5 race series. New team members, Stacey Stone Bryan Doney were in attendance with other riders such as Wes Castro, Art Aguilar, Kim Finch and RL Policar (that’s me!)

Stacey “has got it goin’ on” Stone showing us the new 2012 team kit.

Nick “Name” DiBlasi looked so good in his kit that I decided to post his picture even though it was identical to Stacey’s.

On Saturday Super D and 4X races occurred. Both Nick and Stacey raced. Unfortunately, as Nick was on his way to the starting line, he got a flat and could not race properly. But the good news is, he still finished!

Stacey on his race run.

Stacey did a pretty bang up job in placing 4th in his first ever Super D race. Great job Stacey!

That evening, Art and I camped out at Fontana. Doing this helped us save some gas money since we both live about an hour away from the venue. We had a gourmet meal that consisted of grilled marinated chicken, grilled brussel sprouts, and steamed broccoli…yum. We washed it all down with some Miller Genuine Draft. By the way, CLICK HERE to see Art wearing our newest product, the MtnBikeRiders Beanie!

One of my favorite photos of the night, a flock of Takas.
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Airborne Bicycles has sponsored the MtnBikeRiders.com Race Team

MtnBikeRiders.com (MTNB) is proud to announce that Airborne Bicycles has sponsored the MTNB Race Team for the remaining 2011 race season. MTNB, based out of Southern California, has hand-selected members from its current roster to represent the Airborne brand by creating a special ops unit called the “Airborne Rangers.”
Rangers: Joe Solancho, Corey Pond, Moe Ramirez, Art Aguilar, RL Policar, Wes Castro. (Not pictured) Eric “The Animal” Hunner and Dan Burdett.
The Airborne Rangers will be competing in various races all throughout California such as the Sea Otter Classic, the California Golden State Series, the Predator Night Race, the Over the Hump Series, SC Velo Triple Crown and the Southridge 20th Annual Challenge.

“MtnBikeRiders.com is very excited to team up with Airborne Bicycles” said RL Policar, Team Director of the MtnBikeRiders.com Race Team. “We are honored to have this opportunity to represent a company that believes in us.”
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