Which of The 3 Energy Drinks is Better

The last few weeks, I’ve been drinking the 3 energy drinks you see below.

Redbull Sugar Free, FRS Energy and Monster Lo-Carb
energy drinks

I prefer low-carb drinks just because their sugared counter parts do nothing but make me drowsy. One thing great about each of these drinks, they cost right around $2.00 a piece. I’m going to break down each beverage into 3 categories: Taste, Effect and Price.

Let’s start off with the Redbull Sugar Free: I like that I don’t need a large amount of the product to feel the effects. I usually pick up the small 8.4oz can and within minutes I feel it working.
Taste: I like the taste of the Sugar Free Redbull. But out of the 3 drinks, Redbull has the most amount of mediciney flavor.
Effect: The energy feel will last generally 2.5 hours for me. On the trail, it usually burns off within an hour. So if I bring a Redbull, I’ll only drink it if I need that extra push to get back to the car. A bit of a jittery, excited feeling about 30 minutes after consuming it.
Price: It hovers around $2.00

FRS Energy
-This has to be my favorite out of the 3 drinks. I like that its not carbonated because its easier to drink and its easier on the stomach. The portion of it is just right, 11.5oz is just enough to not feel it sloshing around in your stomach.
Taste:Taste kinda like Tang, pretty mellow if you ask me. Very smooth as it goes down.
Effect: This one will last up to 3.5 hours for me. On the trail, about 2 hours. But here’s the great part, NO JITTERY Feeling.
Price: I started seeing FRS in my local grocery store for about $1.99, but recently it was on sale for $.99!

Monster Lo-Carb
-At 16oz, this drink works because you’re downing a large amount of it. It smells like a soap, but it does work…for a bit….
Taste: It’s nice and fruity. Not too mediciney like Redbull.
Effect: WOW! I’m wired after drinking Monster, but only for about 1.5 hours. I’m also jittery and the crash is pretty brutal. I ended up being so tired that I bought another one just to wake me up from the crash. It’s like liquid crack, once you’re down from the high, you need more to keep you up there.
Price: Monster always runs promotions for their drinks that range from 2/$4.00. But individually, the run about $2.50.

With all that being said, which is better? I’ll list them for you in the order that I see fit. 1, being the best.

1. FRS-smooth, lasting effects, cost is low and it tastes like juice!
2. Redbull Sugar Free-small portions are great. Besides you can mix it with some Vodka and it makes a great cocktail!
3. Monster-If you need energy for a long drive or for studying and even to party, this is your drink. But for athletic purposes, all that fluid may be too much in your stomach. Be prepared to buy 2 of these cans at a time. The crash will require another drink to keep you awake.

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Soda Stream Preview

I just took delivery of a new product that we’ll be testing on the site. Now keep in mind this isn’t a mountain bike, part or accessory, but if you’re anything like me, I do imbibe in the occasional energy drink before and after a good mountain bike ride. This is where Soda Stream comes in. A few weeks ago I wanted to find a way to make my own energy drink. That’s when I discovered that Soda Stream offers an energy drink mix that is very similar to RedBull. But the cool thing is, you can make the drink any time you want for the fraction of the cost of a can of Redbull.

Here’s what was sent to us by Soda Stream. The machine, CO2 cylinder, 2 soda bottles, and about 10 different soda mixes.
soda stream
Unpacked boxed.
soda stream
Redbull alternative drink mix. Comes in diet and regular.

Making your own soda with Soda Stream is pretty easy. Here’s the steps.
Install the CO2 cylinder.
soda stream
Fill the soda bottle with fresh water. Soda Stream says use tap water, but Fullerton water is pretty gross, so I used filtered water that has gone through reverse osmosis.
soda stream
Pump in the CO2. On the first batch I made (diet root beer), I only did 3 pumps. But the magic number is 4.
soda stream review
Mix in the Energy Drink mix.

Shake gently, remember its carbonated.

Either chill the bottle or serve it right away over ice.

How does it taste? Pretty darn good if you ask me. I gave some to Priscilla and she said that it tasted just like Redbull! Soda Stream says that per serving, it will only cost you $.25 if you use their stuff. So that means I just drank an energy drink for $.25! Wow that’s way better than the $1.99 price tag that I always get hit with at the local liquor store or gas station. How does it work? Pretty good. I took my daughter on a 2 hour bike tour through Fullerton and came back beat. I drank a glass of Soda Stream Enery Drink (diet) and felt the benefits right away. No crash feeling either.

We’ll be testing out the Soda Stream and see how well other riders like the drink and the machine. So stay tuned!

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Sports Drinks or Plain Water

SPORTS DRINKS OR PLAIN WATER: Every now and then I’ll bring a water bottle full of some sort of sports drink like Gatorade. Usually I’ll drink it if I need the extra sugar boost to help me deal with a tougher ride. However, my drink of choice has always been water. I’ve met a few people that will include Gatorade or Redbull in their hydration pack. In fact I once rode with a guy that had two bladders in his his back pack, one was filled with water and the other Gatorade.

The only problem I have with drinking Gatorade is that the sugar does make me more thirsty and it leaves an after taste. I guess if I’m drinking more of it, my body does get more hydrated. Besides they have so many different colors and flavors to choose from!

Now if I really want to pull out my secret weapon for the trail, I’ll drink one of those Monster Energy Drinks that I sometimes keep tucked away in my back pack.

But since caffeine is a diuretic, it will work against me later on. So I’ll drink this puppy towards the last leg of the ride just to give me that extra umph.