Evan Williams Bourbon Review

This past year I’ve gotten into whiskey. In fact for my 40th birthday I hosted a Cigar and Whiskey Social at a nearby cigar lounge. I don’t drink much, but when I want to relax I typically will bust out one of my favorite cigars and pour some whiskey in a small glass. I first discovered Evan Williams through some facebook post that I saw where it was rated high for a whiskey priced under $15. I later found it at my local grocery store for only $13.99.

Took it home, got myself a ice ball, poured it into a glass, lit my cigar and leaned relaxed on my patio. Alright so here’s the thing with Bourbons, I love the oakey taste. The oakier the better. I know that oakey isn’t a word, but if you drink this stuff you’ll get that woodsy flavor that comes through on your palette. That’s exactly what I look for. Then I look for how smooth it is going down. The last thing I need is to make a face when drinking this stuff.

So what I like to do is to let the bourbon sit in the glass and let the ice melt a bit. I find that a little bit of water, to me it enhances the flavor of the bourbon and leaves a cleaner mouth feel. Sipping on the Evan Williams a good experience. As much as I enjoy it, I think this would be best served as a mixing bourbon. One of my go to drinks is to enjoy it with some Coca Cola and about 1-2 shots of Evan Williams. But if I don’t have any soda, I’ll just sip on a little bit of it while I’m smoking a cigar.

Truthfully, this bourbon isn’t bad for less than $15. It’s a value bourbon and its the type that you’d serve to company and save the better stuff for yourself for later. Another thing I like to do with Evan Williams is I pour a shot glass full and place that in my humidor to help flavor my cigars.


Crown Royal XO Review

I figured I’ll come in and post something here and there about what’s been going on.
Well mountain biking is still taking a break from my life. But smoking cigars and drinking whiskey hasn’t. If anything I wanted to talk to you about one type of whiskey I had the pleasure of trying out.

I was recently enjoying some pozole at Art’s house. His pops came to visit and since this was a special occasion, Art busted out the Crown Royal XO. I’ve had Crown Royal before but never the XO. Well I was pleasantly surprised on how smooth it was. My goodness, this has to be the smoothest whiskey I’ve had to date. No harsh bite, just flavor and that warm feeling of the spirit of the whiskey coming into your body…wait, that sounded really sexual. Eh, who cares. You get the point right?

It’s smooth, it’s yummy and yes it will get you drunk, quick. As it should since it’s 40% (ABV 80 proof.)

The aroma of the XO was very pleasant. You can smell a hint of oak, the first sip allows you to taste notes of vanilla and fruits. Once you kick it to the back of your throat, you’ll then realize how smooth this whiskey is. 15800652_10210736770482993_3908246629634009378_o