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Product Review: Cycletote-Touring/Cargo/Utility Trailer

Posted by RL Policar On January - 18 - 2007

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Product: Cycletote Touring Trailer

The Touring Model will carry most anything including your cross country gear, groceries, tools, and a bale of hay. It offers extremely low wind and rolling resistance, has greater weight and volume capacity and does not present the balancing problems of a one-wheeler in high winds or during slow climbs. If you need even more capacity, we offer longer versions using the Special Needs frames and a taller version, the Covered Wagon, which can be purchased with the Touring Model as a “Combo”. This lets you switch back and forth as your needs dictate.
The trailer sticks out about 2 – 2 1/2 inches beyond average handle bars. It rides quite nicely on the edge of narrow highways, even when the right wheel at times drops down over the shoulder. Passing auto traffic usually give you a much wider berth than they would without the trailer.

Testing Grounds: Fullerton Loop, and the Streets of Fullerton California.

Price: $380

Testing Procedure:

I tested the Cycletote through the trail system near my home in Fullerton Ca. Since the stock tires were slicks, I enlisted the help of Sweetskinz tires for the off-road abilities and its reflective properties.

I installed the Cycletote onto the Ibex B-Series bike. I loaded the trailer up on its first street test. The trailer was smooth and very responsive to my bike. The linkage on seat post attachment is limitless.

Even when it was loaded with cargo, It still felt light to tow.

The Cycletote is made of aluminum making it very light and nimble. It even came with a rear blinking reflector and a bright orange flag.

The off-road test for the trailer really showcased the high quality material and workmanship that went into this trailer. Over and over again I kept clipping logs, hitting rocks and the Cycletote kept rolling. I did manage to flip it during an test ride with an empty trailer.

Watch the Cycletote in action…yeah I flipped it…but no damage!

This trailer is surprisingly durable. I expected the aluminum to dent, buckle or break during the off-road test. But to my delight, the trailer held up well. The best part of this trailer is the quick and easy installation and removal of the unit. Once you have the main hitch installed on your seat post, attaching the trailer literally takes seconds.

The stopping power of my bike was affected with a full load. But that will happen with any trailer. If you plan on using the Cycletote to do some camping or long distance riding, I would recommend you get the optional braking system that can attach to your trailer.

All Cycletote trailers are hand made in USA. Fort Collins, Colorado.

None. The trailer is very durable, it held together as is the thing was made out of steel.

I would highly recommend this trailer to folks that want to use it for camping, going to the grocery store or just for hauling stuff around. It’s pretty stable and affordable. The trailer is also perfect for hauling around picnic supplies or your toys to the local park. The Cycletote will make your bike just as practical as having a car. But with it, you can save money and find a great parking spot all the time.

Not Available in Bike Shops or Stores. Each of our trailers is hand crafted at our Colorado factory and delivered directly to you with a no-nonsense 100% satisfaction guarantee, lifetime warranty, and follow up service that is second to none.


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  1. Thomas Volmer says:

    I am living in Shanghai China. I am looking for a trailer for my bike. It will be a TCR ADV all carbon road bike. I would like to have a seat post mount on the bike. Would the mount put too much stress on the carbon frame? Can you ship to China? How much would it cost in full if you can?
    Thank you for your reply

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