Test Ride: KMX Kart X-Class

Today was another hard day in the office. I had to go test ride the KMX Kart in parts of the Fullerton Loop.

I tested out my DIY Helmet Cam and filmed my little excursion. YouTube quality sucks but here’s some vids to give you an idea.

I even met some horse lovers and we chit chatted for a few minutes about trail etiquette. They actually just wanted their horses to see the KMX so it won’t get spooked next time I ride through the trails.

The KMX Kart is very exhilarating! I haven’t had this much fun on wheels in a long time. I love how I can power slide or drift (same thing) into the corners like a rally car. The only complaint I have would be the Maxxis Hookworm tires, they’re made for the road not for trails. But luckily KMX is sending us some off-road tires pretty soon. Other than that, it’s a blast!

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