Foamee – IOU a Beer

As a follow up to today’s Brews Day I’m posting a bit of useful information that was pointed out by our friend Bryan Thombs of Evomo.


Let’s face it we all need help sometimes or know kind people that do favors for us. While buying gifts can be awkward or sometimes over the top, saying “I owe you a brew man(or woman)” is just right. What better way to show your gratitude than with a bottle of your friend’s favorite beer! is a site designed specifically for tracking beers you owe and/or beers that are owed to you. If you’re a post-it man like me and you need constant reminders as a crutch for your feeble memory than have a looksey. All you need to do is sign up for a free Twitter account and you can track your I.O.U.s in the People section. They’ve even got some cool brew swag and gear if you become a big enough fan.  Gone are the days of dishonorable friends reneging on their beer debts! Thanks again Bryan!

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