Sette Ryde ST-850 Suspension Dropper Seatpost: First Impressions

The Pricepoint people were nice enough to send us this Sette seatpost to review. I’m not sure how you pronounce that. Set-tay? Set? It looks like this is meant to be a cheap but effective version of the higher priced Gravity Dropper seatpost that’s retailing for around $239. Youch. Msrp on this puppy is listed at $85 but I’ve only seen it selling for the current $29. Monetarily speaking it’s already a value compared to the Gravity Dropper. The only difference, appearance-wise, is the Sette has the handle under the saddle where the higher priced version has the lever on the handlebar.

Pull red rocket for fun

Basically the seatpost’s purpose is to make it easier for the user lower their seat for added maneuverability heading downhill. Instead of getting off your bike and lowering, this should allow you to simply pull the lever, drop your saddle, and ride on.

Insert into bikes only people

It has incremental markings as well as the post size on the rear. I like that they marked it with the size as I always seem to forget what size post is in my bike. The lever is tucked right under your junk on the saddle for an easy squeeze. The lever is pulled up and your weight brings the saddle down. I found that the lever didn’t have enough room to pull up with the Bontrager saddle seen here so be aware of this if you’re thinking about buying. I threw my WTB saddle on the seatpost and it allowed plenty of room.

***If your saddle has plastic/stuff wrapped to the rails, take note

The ST-850 will be going on the Vassago Bandersnatch 29er so I can test both the “suspension” of the post and it’s dropping feature. On more technical trails I often lower my saddle for descents so I’m excited about being able to do this on the fly. This has the potential to be THE dropper seatpost for those of us that don’t want to spend upwards of $200 for other models on the market. Stay tuned for the full review.

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