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Footbike Trail Review

Posted by Randy Policar On May - 31 - 2008

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Footbike Trail

Product Tested:
Footbike Trail

Footbike Trail

Website’s MSRP:

Frame Alloy7005 T6, liquid coating (frame protection-plate, black anodized).
Footboard Alloy 7005 T6, black anodized.
F-fork RST CAPA T6, travel 3?, black.
Headset 1 1/8? ahead, Black anodized.
Stem Footbike, alloy 1 1/8? ahead, angle adjustable (-17 degrees – + 50 degrees), extension 120 mm, black anodized.
Handlebar Alloy, black anodized.
Bar-ends Alloy, long type, black anodized.
Rim front JetSet, double wall, black, 26?(559), 32H.
Rim rear JetSet, double wall, black, 18?(355), 28H.
Hub front Footbike, alloy, black anodized, sealed bearing, 100 mm.
Hub rear Footbike, alloy, black anodized, sealed bearing, 65 mm.
Spokes SS (14), black.
Tire front 26? x 1.95, semi-slick, black.
Tire Rear 18? x 1.75, black.
Brakes front: disc-brake Avid BB5, rear: V-brake, Avid 5.
Brake levers Avid FR5.
Rear-mudguard Plastic, black, SS nuts + bolts, double brackets.

Randy on Footbike Trail

The Footbike Trail is definitely one of the most interesting products that I’ve have privilege to test. I’ve been riding the Footbike Trail for a few months. I’ve taken it both on and off road.

INTENSE WORKOUT!!! It doesn’t take long to find out that a Footbike would give you a great workout especially when you take it out on a trail. You’ll have to run, push, carry, and kick your way up a hill. But the pay off on the down hill side is awesome! Going down a steep hill on a mountain bike is always fun. But taking the same hill on the Footbike Trail is such a blast!

I had my nephew shoot a short video of me riding the Footbike Trail down a hill.

One thing I didn’t like about the Footbike Trail was the clearance or lack of.


Without any weight on the Footbike, you only get 2 inches of clearance from the ground to the protection plate. Add my “phat? arse on it, the give of the fork, and any slope or rocks on the ground takes away any clearance you had. Each time it bottomed out, threw my balance quite a bit.

Protection Plate

Testing the Footbike Trail has definitely been interesting. Riding it was always fun. Having it’s unique design turns quite a few heads. And the workout you get is unbelievable. For more information about any of the Footbike products check out FootbikeUSA.

Footbike Trail

12 Responses to “Footbike Trail Review”

  1. kevinb says:

    the amish kids around central PA use these types all the time, cept not nearly as fancy. they really fly on them

  2. Jay says:

    Do a back flip!!

  3. RL Policar says:

    One thing I found when I was riding the Footbike before I handed it off to Randy was that the front fork was absorbing the energy I would put into it. It think it would have been good if they had a better fork like a Manitou Axel Elite with lock out. Using this type of fork will also help with the clearance problem since the Axel has 100mm travel opposed to the 80mm RST Capa fork.

  4. Vic says:

    That thing looks like a deathtrap. What is the purpose of the barends?

  5. RL Policar says:

    Vic, a “death trap?” Aren’t you a being a little dramatic? If you see that video of Randy eating it, he was fine. In fact when I rode this thing around, if you wanted to bail, just jump off. There was no need to worry about your pedals being clipped in.

  6. john says:

    mondo scooter

  7. Moses Aoki says:

    Hey RL—Thanks again for the review of our Trail Model. Here are a couple of things to add to your rap.

    When we ride the Trail model ‘offroad’ we try to ride like we rode or hardtails in ’91. Okay, mostly fire roads and party trails.

    This ‘offroad’ specification was borne for the dog mushers out there. Yup—-lots of dogs pulling this thing around. THAT is a ride to remember!

    Yes indeed a tighter suspension fork is desired. One of the great things about our frame design is that you can slap on whatever parts you want from your current bike fleet to make this beast what you want it to be. I will send you a photo of a machine we built down for the US downhill speed record on a scooter.

    A final note from all of us a FBUSA. Thanks to you and your readers for checking us out. WE ARE NOT in this business to replace your bicycle!. But a few hours a week training on a performance scooter will enhance your cycling skills dramatically——-really! Wait–the heck with that, add a basket, keep your spd’s at home and save $4.40 a gallon!!

  8. Moses Aoki says:

    Ohyea—one more thing. The bar ends become relative when you are training or training to race (like on the Track model).

    The complete follow through on a ‘kick’ will put you at the bar ends for additional leverage.

    On all of models we supply bar ends because we can. AND—wasn’t the purpose of the invention of the bar end was to give riders a choice of hand positions?

    Believe it or not there are a few European distance riders that use a time-trial setup on their front ends. Here is a site for the first and only carbon fiber performance scooter— Now THAT is funky!!!!

  9. simon says:

    ho ho ho…..nice bike Randy, it doesn’t need pedals, saddle, chains ….. very simple

  10. Z Leung says:

    Hi, can’t you put it on the higher setting, at the back, to get more clearance below the deck? I can’t see which setting it’s on.

  11. Alan Vaughn says:

    If you knock it before you try it, your missing out on a fun time. Just cruising around is fun. Easy on and off. Easy to store. You don’t have to be a speed freak to enjoy a nice day on a foot bike.

    They even rent them in Amsterdam. Great alternative to a bike in busy areas.

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