The Adventures of Lil’ Bryan-Fishing and Bamboo Hunting

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The last time I reported about Lil’ Bryan, I mentioned that he was missing. Well I found him swimming in the washing machine…yeah I felt bad since I left him in my shorts pocket when I did laundry…So to make up for it, Lil’ Bryan and I spent some quality time this weekend.

We started off our Saturday morning by waking up at 3:45 am and dragging my 3 daughters to the Newport Beach Pier for some fishing. Lil’ Bryan likes to see where we’re going so he hopped onto the dash board but I scolded him and said that it wasn’t safe to ride with out a seat belt.

With that said, he agreed to get cozy in my overalls pocket.

Once we got the pier, we quickly got set up and Breanna caught a fish, I think it was some sort of Croaker. Our friend Brian and his kids had joined us that morning.

Lil’ Bryan wanted to get close and see the fish she caught…

He got a little too close, and fell in the bucket in which the angry fish tried to eat him! Luckily Garret saved him…

Here’s my girls, Aleah, Breanna and Alyssa in front of the Dory Fish Market next to the pier.

Lil’ Bryan felt left out, so he insisted that he got a solo shot of him…

Then later that day Breanna and I went down to the Fullerton Loop on the Xtracycle to see if we can get some bamboo for a bicycle project that I’m working on. Lil’ Bryan came along.

We found a perfect bamboo tree to pick a small piece from.

Lil’ Bryan helped picked the right one.

As the weekend rolled through, Lil’ Bryan literally went everywhere I went. In fact he was at church with me this morning, but I forgot my camera…

Next weekend we’ll be going somewhere special, so stay tuned for more Adventures with Lil’ Bryan!

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