Evomo, Bring the Rukus…literally

Evomo has been working on their new campaign calling it, “bring the rukus.” Well I think they’ve arrived…

Read this REAL incident that happened this weekend where Evomo Rider Jami Pellegrino get’s taken down by LA’s finest at gun point!

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  1. You know, these guys sound like f’ing idiots. They are the same type of idiots who go recklass and out of control on the trails and get mountain bikers banned from the trail. They deserve what they get.

    Running from the cops. Really stupid.

    Why would you post this crap on your blog. Don’t degrade your mountain biking blog with this crap.

  2. “Why would you post this crap on your blog. Don’t degrade your mountain biking blog with this crap.”

    It’s the same reason why I posted photos of me topless last year, Because it gets a reaction…

    Relax man…yeah I agree, that wasn’t the wisest move to run from the cops. One incident doesn’t make the rest of the Evomo riders a bad bunch. You have people like Jay, a trials rider for Evomo as well as Clint Hossman that don’t do “crap” like that.

    That’s just as bad as stereotyping a race…just because some Filipinos have been known to eat dog, that doesn’t mean I eat them too…

  3. Like Brian T stated, it just got out of hand and bad decisions were made. We know most of the guys from Evomo, they are good people that race hard.

  4. So wait, the worst part is–Filipinos EAT dogs?

    Just trying to break the tension guys… BTW Pinoy din ako.

  5. I was assuming that “table topping cars” means jumping on to them in some form. Is that correct? If so, that by itself is lame. I don’t care if they ran from the cops. But if they are jumping on people’s cars, then that’s f’ed up.

    But if I am clueless about what table topping cars is, then I apologize.

  6. Dog is a universal food…

    And as far as table tops…
    Here’s an example of what it is.

    You’re actually clearing what the top part of a jump…in this case it was the cars. If you re-read Bryan’s report,he stated, “The gravity of the situation is that we got way to ballzy trying to table a couple different parked cars… you know just across the hood. We didnt even damage anything.”

    If you’re really sorry, you should probably go back to the Evomo site and apologize for all the cussing you did on the comments. Next time do some research or READ…it could save you some embarrassment.

  7. Though running away from the po-po was a very bad move, it does sound like they were admitting that doing jumps on other peoples property was wrong. A light mea culpa?

    I’d get super pissed too if that was my car.

    And I prefer Spam. Mmm, Spam-burger.

  8. This isn’t one of those stunts like Marc Ecko pulled a couple of years ago trying to make his company seem more “street”.

  9. The best photo in the sequence is the one where the cops are turned back toward the cameraman: “hey, there’s another one…GET HIM!”


  10. 1) dun run from the cops… they are there due to act on a complain… explain the situation (cos no damage was done, n photo shoot is a good excuse)…apologize sincerely

    2) why did the cops pull a gun on him??? wtf??? he was of NO threat…there was no Ability to cause hurt to any1, no Opportunity to cause hurt to any1 and no Jeopardy to any1. They might want to speak to a lawyer that it was the cops “threat” that cause him to run? Possible?? Bring up a complain agianst these “cowboys”! A gun is not a freaking toy ! or a ego tool!

    3) If I were the camera-man, i would stayed and back up my buddy…explained the situation to the cops…(but then it may be different in LA…u guys know how the system works in LA , not me…)

    All the best to jamie…

  11. Not the brightest move. The cops most likely would have given a push for them to move off the property, (if there was no vehicle damage), now he’s looking at “felony evasion”, at best. Even worse he’s made to look a little lame. He’s on a bike and a good rider and the cops bring him down in under 5 minutes… Dude.
    To the cop with the side arm drawn, your a fricking jack- hole, desensitizing the public due to the fact that your a coward or a bully is BS! They need to fire your ass, your going to hurt someone, and most likely an average citizen.

    Entertaining story. Almost as good as the dance video this weekend, almost.

  12. No. I won’t go back and apologize. I still think what they were doing was stupid. And I really hope they are so sensitive that they are offended by my cussing. I hope it does not hurt your feelings either.

  13. Oh yeah, buy some EVOMO Gear… besides the fact that chicks dig it, they will need the money to bail Jamie out!!!

  14. I keep coming up with good slogans.

    First I invented the slogan “Morons fudging stuff up in the city”

    and now I invented ‘Evomo offended???” Evomo, I need to get paid for this wonderful stuff.

    **your comment was edited, no cussing. thanks.

  15. Oh crap! I agree with previous poster Scott B! That DOES look staged!

    Not only does the boys in blue not wearing vests, but the LAPD shoulder patches are missing! Those are strict REQUIREMENTS of the LAPD uniform including the badge! I have worked with enough law enforcement types to know that plus I got family on the job too.

    Furter closer inspection you’ll see a few errors. The balding ‘cop’ is wearing white socks (see it while running) and is not to uniform code.

    Another is lack of training–if you would notice when the 2 took off running, BOTH still had WEAPONS IN THEIR HANDS. Only the military trains you that way. Police officers are trained to holster their weapons before any foot pursuit–this is to prevent accidental firearm discharge. As you see, one dude with baton in hand and the other still had a pistol. That only happens in movies.

    Good one guys! We’ve been (almost) had.

  16. To add more to this, I returned to the Evomo site and noticed that the LAPD motto on the squad car has been CHANGED. It was pointed out that it said To Protect and Serve and now its been alterd to say Serve and Protect.

  17. Dude I know! Its all good though… I dont take it personal–I dont know them and I wont dignify those posts with a response.

  18. Jumping the car was irresponsible, but not an illegal act. Running from the police, however, was. He deserves the arrest and whatever other trouble they bring him. As for the writer/photographer, I hope he eventually gets what’s coming to him for also evading police.

    Growing up, I skateboarded, so I’ve had my share of encounters with police. I never ran, always showed respect, and did as I was told. Hence, I was never arrested or charged with anything.

  19. I call BS…. You’re telling me a professional cyclist can’t outrun two of LA’s finest? Come on….


  20. My apologies to RL for continuing to bring up this subject but I hope this finally clears it.

    I have recieved a call from someone in the LAPD from the Hollywood precinct (which I will not name) in which supposed to be the area and jurisdiction where this ‘arresting’ incident had occured. It was confirmed that what was posted on the Evomo site was just a photoshoot and the persons portraying police officers were indeed actors.

    The whole thing is staged and the arrest is a hoax.

    If you guys continue to believe this, I got a video of Kobe Bryant jumping over an Aston Martin you need to see and there’s an African prince that needs your help in getting back his millions.

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