170mm Vs 175mm Cranks

When I first built up my Red Rocket Single Speed, I used 170mm cranks. I emailed a few guys and they all seem to give me some scientific and mechanical input as to why the 175 would be better. But I didn’t listen.

During my first ride, I didn’t feel any difference at all. So I stuck with it until my next ride, a 12 miler. Man, by mile 4 I was already worn out from spinning too much with the 170. I was completely miserable the whole ride.

So yesterday I finally swapped out the cranks for a 175mm set and boy I can feel a HUGE difference in the power, cadence and my energy. I can REALLY tell that the 175mm makes a big impact on my riding.

Now I’m wondering if 180mm would be better…as Jeremy likes to say, “Bigger is always better.” Kinda makes me wonder if that goes the same for crank arms…

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