Night Riding Season is here.

Around this time every year, the sun starts to go down earlier in the day. So what means if you plan on starting your ride after 6:30, then you better bring lights. On our Wednesday night ride, we were all prepared.

We were joined by the usual suspects that we like to ride with. Here’s Moe showing how many fingers he has on his right hand. Five! Very good Moe!

One of my pet peeves are white socks. Can’t stand the way they look. Since I haven’t done laundry, I was subjected to wearing these pansy looking socks.

Priscilla also showing that she’s got five fingers on her hand! Yay!

Cousin Joe. He’s camera shy. So instead I took a picture of his black socks…ya I was jealous!

Moe counting how many donuts he’s had today…1…3..16. Cousin Joe points out a piece of pepperoni on Moe’s shirt.

Check it out. It’s the new Web Rotor from Dirty Dog MTB

Here’s we are on our Goonies adventure looking for One Eyed Willy’s Gold.

From the highest point of the trail, I can see my house.

RL, Priscilla, Moe, Joe, Doc, and Josh.

All in all, a good ride. At one point, I decided to take a shorter route. So that mean I had to ride alone in the dark. Man I hate riding by myself at night. I get all spooked out and start thinking about all the scary Aswangs that I learned about when I was a kid…

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