Stealing a Ride

I love to steal rides. I love to scope the ride and think about how fast I’ll have to be if the authorities are closing in. But I especially like to steal a ride and take it slow knowing that I’ve got time but not too much! I love enjoying the feel of the bike underneath me one last time before the authorities catch up and make me give up riding for a time. Fast rides, slow rides, it doesn’t matter to me. Getting on a bike and riding away from the powers that be gives me a superb rush tantamount to ripping some sweet singletrack. It gives me such a rush knowing that I’m just in front of greater powers than my own.

This morning I got to do just that and those of supreme authority, didn’t catch me! Of course, when I’m talking about stealing a ride I’m talking about getting in the last ride before the weather changes!

Poor guy tried to steal a ride but didn’t live to share about it afterwards.

Last night I checked weather.com and realized that we’re supposed to get wet weather all week in Southern California. That’s a sure fire way to get myself in gear and hop on the trail one last time before the rains hit. I swapped over to the hour-by-hour view on weather.com and found that the wet weather was supposed to start sometime overnight, but it’s only a 30% chance of precipitation. My previous experience with weather.com taught me that they were normally a bit overzealous as to when wet weather will kick in, so so I got my gear ready hoping and praying that the rains would hold off until after I stole a ride.

Storm system a brewing

Thankfully it did and I got in a beautiful morning ride before another storm system moved into So. Cal. For those of you living in So. Cal., stop reading this and go steal a ride before the wet weather shuts us down for the week. We’ll be here when you get back.

Part of the Fully Loop playground. Clouds rolling in