Massive Amounts of Discipline

I just wanted to boast about how great it is to have massive amounts of discipline in my life. As some of you may know I have massive amounts of discipline in my life but I really don’t like to show it off. I may boast about it but to put it out there for everybody to see/read is disrespectful. Anyways, I exhibit this m.a.d. by making difficult tasks look easy.

For example: I always play the sweeper role on all group rides, a difficult task. I ably play this role because I have m.a.d. in my life. Some people think I ably play this role because I’m slow but this is not the case. It’s because I have m.a.d. If I didn’t have m.a.d. I would be the total jerk and leave everybody in the dust because I am actually super duper fast. Sometimes though, I don’t play sweeper but that’s because I am too impatient with everybody’s slow pace not because I lack in massive amounts of discipline in my life.

As a sweeper, this is my view. Thankfully I have m.a.d.

Another example of the m.a.d. in my life is how I never drink beer after rides, a very difficult task. Some people think I don’t drink beer because I hate the taste of beer but this is not true. I actually like the taste of beer as long as it comes in a tasteless, no calorie, no sugar, no hops, no barley, clear version – somewhat akin to water – if it looks like beer and tastes like beer, I don’t like it. Making difficult tasks look easy, the result of m.a.d. in my life.

Lastly, I never like boasting about how good a rider I am, a supremely difficult task indeed. When the time comes to clear some nasty technical portion of the trail I always get off the bike and walk it because I have m.a.d. and I don’t like showing people up. In reality I could totally clear that 17 foot drop on my rigid 29er but if you can’t do it on your 8? freeride bike, I exhibit m.a.d. in my life and I walk it… just like you. Most people incorrectly assume I do this because I have no skills, but this is not true. It’s because I have m.a.d.

My m.a.d. prevents me from one-upping Ryan Leech

In conclusion, I have massive amounts of discipline in my life. If you would like m.a.d. in your life too come ride with me and my m.a.d. might just rub off on you.

2 Replies to “Massive Amounts of Discipline”

  1. There’s a theme on this article, it’s “Attack RL” not just yours truly, but RL as in Ryan Leech…

    But you’re right Jer, you’ve got M.A.D. You may have that, but I have F.A.T

    “Fast And Technical”

  2. thanks jeremy, I feel much better about myself now that I realize I too have M.A.D. and that is why I do alot of the same things you do.

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