Rub it, Flip it, Slap it down!

100 points to the first person to tell me where I got that title from? Here’s a hint, it’s from the 90′s…ok back to what I came here for. So got this great idea from our sister site, Not sure how many of you have this problem, but when I go night riding, If I hit a bump my headlight will often slip and rotate forward or backward, making it sorta dangerous because I can’t see where I’m going or what obstacles are ahead of me. So Miriam “Five-O” Gee of posted a clever fix to this this issue. Not sure why I never thought about this before, but it sure makes sense.

With that in mind, I took my NiteRider light which is prone to the slippage and hung it upside down. This should alleviate all that moving around!

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