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New pricing on Pearly’s Possum Socks

Posted by RL Policar On January - 7 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Do you all remember that review on those Pearly’s Possum socks? As great as they are, some were turned off by the price of them. We just got word from Big DUKE of Pearly’s that their company is doing really well and for the first time eva, for eva, eva, that the prices have gone down to $38 a pair. Well if that ain’t no miracle that lil’ baby Jesus ever did, then I don’t know what is.

Pearly’s volume has grown significantly over the last 12 months and we are now getting far better prices on our raw materials…which allows us to lower the list price. So…I am really excited to share that Pearly’s now have a much lower list price of only $38 bucks a pair!! We are so stoked to be able to do this price reduction, I think it is going to open up the awesomeness of Pearly’s up to a much larger group of people.

Pearly’s are more affordable now!

But if our review isn’t enough to convince you, read the review that Jack Sweeney did on


Hurt my back, no ride, got bored and built up a bike

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Yep that’s how my Saturday turned out. So without boring you with some lame details, here’s some pictures. But first, let me tell you about my Bro-Date with Art Aguilar. He’s so dreamy! We had some tacos by the beach.
Art McDreamy Aguilar

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about what I did. So ya, I hurt my back moving stuff the night before and I woke up with my back still aching. Oh sorry, I forgot that I said I’d spare the details, oh well. So let’s get to it. Since I wasn’t riding, I decided to spend some time in the garage. Pulled out the Retired Burt Reynolds. I had some parts laying around I figured, I’d build him back up again.

First thing to deal with was to remove the Plasti Dip that I put on a few months ago.
burt reynolds
That whole process took me about an hour. Crazy how long it took. Actually I’m so A.D.D or ADHD…not quite sure which, but one of those, that I decided to leave some of it on the hard to reach places like the drop outs, and other nooks and crannies that the plastidip got into.
plastidip bicycle
One of the things I like to do while working on my bikes is to smoke cigars. I didn’t feel like using up one of my premium ones, so I opted for a “daily smoke” cigar. I realized that a bike frame makes for a great cigar tender.
cigar and bicycles
The Plasti Dip did a great job in preserving the paint on the frame.

Yep this is the same 1×10 drive train that came off the the Titus Rockstar. I didn’t want it to just sit there and gather dust.

Here’s how it looks now with the 1×10 and honestly, it looks like how it did before I dipped the bike.

For the kids that like to weigh everything, here’s the weight of Burt Reynolds. 25ish pounds.

Build your own bike rack

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Check out our sister site for this really great DIY on how to build your own bike rack with old pallets.
bike racks

Find out how you can do this by reading the rest of the article.

Merry Christmas!

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From all of us at, Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas

Beer Review: Samuel Adams Winter Favorites

Posted by Moe Ramirez On December - 23 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

We used to do beer reviews a while back by beer connoisseurs, well they are gone now so you are stuck with me. Every year around the holiday season I look forward to Sam Adam’s winter favorites; a collection of seasonal beers that vary from ales to porters to IPAs.

Since I’m no beer expert, I’m going to tell you which beer I liked and then I’m going to try my best to describe each beer at a “high level” (New term I learned in management meetings).

The first beer I had was the Winter Lager. Nice crisp beer with a little bitter aftertaste. I wasn’t really impressed with the flavor nor the aroma so I would rate this one a 6 out of 10 on the Buzz meter.

Second beer I tried was the White Christmas. This beer I liked since I’m a fan of wheat beers, the flavor reminded me a lot of Blue Moon, but it didn’t have that weird bitter aftertaste of Blue Moon. Definitely a beer that I would buy in 12 packs; 9 out of 10 on the Buzz Meter.

“Cinnamon, ginger and orange peel”, that is what the Old Fezziwig Ale bottle read at the bottom. I thought that this beer was going to smell a lot like cinnamon, but one whiff of this beer and I picked up the orange peel smell. This beer tasted quite good, a little on the exotic side and the orange peel aftertaste was quite palatable. 9 out of 10 on the Buzz meter.

Stouts, bocks and porters are my favorite beers of this season, I was quite disappointed that this sampler did not include any porters but the inclusion of a Cherry Chocolate Bock really caught my attention. I’ve tasted cherry beers from Sam Adams before and they were not my style, so I proceeded with caution. One quick smell of this beer and I was able to smell the cherry, the chocolate and hints of coffee… I had a drink of this beer and I was very pleasantly surprised that the cherry flavor was not over powering. If you are a fan of cherry fountain drinks, this beer is for you. I really enjoyed the chocolate taste of this Bock, not as bitter as a stout and the bitter-sweet aftertaste left me yearning for more. 10 out 10 on the buzz meter!

The last beer of the winter pack was the Juniper IPA. I’m not an IPA person, I just don’t like their bitterness but I approached this IPA with an open mind. First thing I did was do the smell test, eh.. not bad, then I took a swig out of the glass; great “fizzy” and refreshing taste… until the bitter aftertaste hit my taste buds and annihilated them and I was quickly reminded why I don’t like IPAs. So what did I do with the rest of the beer? I chugged it of course! I wasn’t going to let it go to waste! Kind of hard to rate this beer on the buzz meter since I don’t like IPAs but since I had worse, I would rate it a 6 out of 10 on the buzz meter.

So what happened to the Boston Lager review? Well, the Boston Lager is not really a select “Winter beer”, it is readily available and I think it is a great beer on tap.

If you happen to be the type of person who enjoys most types of beer, you should give this winter pack a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Working on a bike? Use a TV Dinner Tray/Table

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When I’m working on my bikes, I have to switch from one too to another and often times I’ll have to set those tools down. The problem I have is that I didn’t have a place to set them down and because of my lack of attention, I’ll forget where I placed them. So I came up with this simple idea. I found this TV Tray/Table from the Goodwill for $5.
I keep it next to me when I’m wrenching on bikes. I had even thought about drilling some holes on it so I can insert my allen wrenches, screw drivers and other tools. Another idea I had was to install small hanging hooks on the end of the table so I can hang my pedal wrench or cone wrenches. I figured this was one way to help me keep somewhat organize. But based on that photo above, I may need more help…Oh by the way, this table it totally 29er and 650b compatible.

Black Tiger Jerky Review

Posted by RL Policar On December - 19 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

In this review we’ll be talking about some delicious products from Black Tiger Jerky. If you recall, they sponsored our Interbike 2013 coverage. During that time, the kind folks of Black Tiger Jerky sent us a care package so we can test out the jerky and give our thoughts about them. Here’s a spoiler alert, Black Tiger Jerky is pretty darn good! But for the sake of having a review, let’s get started on the review shall we?

First up would be The Legend Spicy. Here’s the ingredients: Beef, BBQ sauce, brown sugar, spice, lime juice, liquid smoke, vinegar, celery salt, sea salt. Contains: soy.
Beef was easy to tear, you can definitely taste some sweetness at first, then the heat kicks in later. But it’s not an overwhelming heat, just enough to acknowledge that your mouth is hot. Great texture, full of flavor and very easy to chew. The aroma is terrific! The Legend Spicy would actually be paired well with a nice cold beer.
The legend spicy

Next up is Jungle Spice. Oooh sounds all exotic and stuff. This may actually have been discontinued since I don’t see it on their website. It’s too bad they did because it’s really GOOD! It has a some heat to it but you’re greeted by sweet overtones. Easy to tear and chew. If the Legend Spicy is too hot for you, then you would have liked the Jungle Spice. It’s made up with barbecue sauce, lime juice, sea salt as well as other ingredients that make this jerky flavor one of my favorites.
jungle spice

Want a healthier alternative? How about some Turkey Jerky? This one is the Teriyaki Honey Spice. This one actually has 72 calories per 1oz serving, while the beef version has up to 112 calories per serving. One of the ingredients in the Teriyaki Honey is pineapple. That’s actually the first thing I tasted when I bit in to the jerky. The flavor is so unique and pleasant. While most teriyaki flavored jerky has an overwhelming soy sauce flavor, this one doesn’t. It’s really light and tasty!
teriyaki honey turkey jerky

Island BBQ is another one I don’t currently see on their website. Dude, if you like Korean BBQ, then you’ll like this! I swear, it has that same flavor but in jerky form. Nice and sweet with just a hint of heat. Again, it’s easy to tear and chew.
Island bbq

Last but certainly not least, Whiskey Jerky. You know, I have to hand it to the guys at Black Tiger Jerky, this flavor is pretty darn yummy of you ask me. Check this out, in their ingredients, it listed ANCHOVIES as one of the items used. Well shoot, if they’re using fish as well as things like Worcestershire sauce and tamarind extract to get this jerky to taste as good as it does, then I would have to give them a high five! Here’s the best part…ready for this? The Whiskey Jerky actually has whiskey in the ingredients! So it’s not just a name, but its actually used in it.
whiskey jerky

So there you have it, 5 different flavors of beef jerky provided to us by Black Tiger Jerky. They even offer Venison, Ahi Tuna and Buffalo Jerky. I’m really impressed with the variety that Black Tiger Jerky offers. Not only are they delicious, but the cuts of meats they use are fantastic. There have been times where I’ve purchased jerky and they’re so hard to chew because the pieces have ligaments or connective tissue in them. But you don’t get that with Black Tiger. They took the time to make sure the cuts of meats they are using are premium and offer the best quality in texture, flavor and in the ability to tear pieces off.

A 3oz bag of Black Tiger Jerky sells for $8. They offer free shipping on all orders. $8 may seem more than what you’d normally pay for at the store for jerky. But one thing they do offer is variety in the types of meats as well as flavors, give them a shot.
Our Review Disclaimer

Leading by example

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Not to long ago I published an article on talk about how The Moe and I went out to Santa Ana with our daughters to help fix bicycles for the homeless and less fortunate. We figured that this was a great way to show them that we’re not just about riding bikes for fun and stuffs, but we like to help out our local community.
bicycle repairs
You can read the full article on

Off Topic: Cigars!

Posted by Moe Ramirez On December - 16 - 20132 COMMENTS

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by this post represent my own and not of the entire site. You may disagree with my opinion and I’m OK with it. I’m also not a professional writer and I’m OK with that too.


So what do cigars have to do with Mountain Biking? We at do have other hobbies other than ripping the trails, taking names on XC, SD and DH races and being semi-famous. We have decided to shake it up a little bit by adding a new section to the site called “Off Topic”, although we know that 99% of our lives revolve about Mountain Bikes, these articles will be musings of that 1%.

Although I’m not a smoker, I’ve been known to enjoy a good cigar now and then. My interest in cigars grew when RL started to smoke them and I’d ask my wife to bring some “famous place” cigars from Mexico.

As with Mountain bikes, you have “big box store” bikes (Cheap, low quality) and Local Bike Shop bikes (pricier, better quality). Cigar shopping is the same, you have liquor store cigars and smoke shop cigars. Cigars also vary quite a bit in price, from below the $10 mark to almost $100 bucks!


Cigars also need special care, storing cigars is like storing your beloved bicycle; you just don’t leave your bike out in sun nor rain. Storing your bike away from the elements keeps your bike fresh and ready to be ridden without worrying about rust or crumpling saddles. In order for a cigar to keep “fresh” it has to be stored in a humidor at a certain humidity point and temperature.

Cutting a cigar also needs a specific “tool”, cutting it wrong could influence on how the cigar burns and it will eventually affect the taste.


Another interesting tidbit is how you light a cigar; using sulfur or paper matches or regular lighters are a no-no, a cigar should be lit with a torch lighter and hold the torch so that the tip of the flame can barely touch the cigar.


So you maybe thinking “Smoking is bad for you” and yes, you maybe right… but I have roadie friends that think that Mountain biking is bad for you… I mean, I’ve never broken my shoulder smoking a cigar but I did Mountain biking! So just like Mountain Biking, Cigars are not for everyone and I’m not advocating that you smoke cigars but if you do, do it with moderation.


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For the better part of year I have been testing the new SPY Alpha sunglasses and these glasses have been great, so on to my test.

I have been a big fan of spy products for quite awhile. I first was introduced to Spy products when I raced for Storm Bicycles way back, I purchased a pair of their Targa goggles and fell in love with them. Moving to a couple of other teams down the road I then received a sponsorship where my love for the products grew.
SPY did disappear from the sport sunglasses scene for awhile, but there back and with the same great looks, fit and quality I have always relied on while riding and racing my bikes.




Spy’s early innovations into the sport glasses is still evident on the ALPHA sunglasses. They Incorporated these key
•Built from high quality Grilamid
•Signature patented Scoop Venting System
•8-Base ARC (Accurate Radius Curvature) Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses
•Hytrel Rubber Nose Pads and Temple Tips
•100% UV protection
As a matter of fact Spy claims their good-looking piece that’s virtually indestructible with lenses that are interchangeable, shatter-proof, and fog and glare resistant. This all quoted from SPY.
I can say without a doubt that these are not only comfortable, but the features truly do work in every way. I have not experience any slipping while riding like I have with the other brand(wink, wink), air flow into the scoop has always been top notch in my book to keep the lens from fogging, and the lenses are made with excellent coatings for UV and glare protection.
The frames are made with tough plastic that’s strong. I have dropped them a few times while out riding my mountain bike as well as my road and cross bikes. The frames came out unscaved, even after sitting on them ( this was not a part of the test, so I wouldn’t say go out and try that).
One thing that I did want for the test was a clear frame and why you might ask, well I don’t go for clear frames typically for one reason. A clear frame acts as a light catcher and on a bright sunny day the light from the sun penetrates into a frame that’s clear, it will then reflect light into your eyes while riding, which I have found adds to glare into the eyes from the side as well as the front.
I found it quite pleasing to know that I didn’t have this happen to me while riding and I went at various times of day to see if the frames would do this. “Thumbs up here!!”










I like style and I like sunglasses with style, I won’t lie. The SPY ALPHA has both, but it also has function behind it as well and when I’m racing or just out for a great ride I want the whole package. These sunglasses have preformed the way all my past SPY sunglasses have, with excellence under anything I have taken them through and I look good doing it too.



The cost on the ALPHA’s are $119.95 retail and you can go direct to SPY to purchase them if you want at

We wish to say thank you to SPY for the ALPHA sunglasses to test.


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