Love thy frame pump

Let’s begin with a story:

A long time ago RL and I were riding the world famous Fullerton Loop at night. Lo and behold I get a flat; no biggie, I got my spare tube and my CO2 pump. Changed the tube and when I tried to fill it up with the CO2 pump, all the CO2 escaped and my tire was not filled. I cannot remember what the malfunction was but I remember that I was S.O.L.

As I start the walk of shame towards the car, a rider comes by and asks if we need help. So I said yeah, we need air! He proceeds to grab his frame pump and hands it to me. I pumped up my tire and finished our ride.

The very next day I ordered a frame pump so I could carry it on my backpack. Since that faithful day I always carry a frame pump either on my backpack, bike frame or handlebar bag. The little Red pump is a Crank Brothers Hand pump, I carry that one in my gravel/road handlebar bag.

This older Zefal pump has gauge, not very accurate but it sort of helps. I usually carry this one on my Mountain bike.

The planet bike pump is also an oldie but goodie. I like that it has a foot rest for leverage. This pump is also on the bigger side so it goes on my Scott Big Jon Fat tire bike.

Yes, I know that frame pumps are nerdy but they have saved me a few times from doing the walk of shame.