Idyllwild Ride Report Day 2

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After riding Hurkey Creek the first day on Saturday. Priscilla and I decided to get another dosage of this sweet trail. What’s funny is, on day one, we felt like the trail was tough. But on day two, being more familiar with the trail and knowing what to expect, we did way better.

We actually got lost the first day, but found our way back to the main trail after following tire tracks on the ground. There was a group that passed us up and I remembered that one of the guys was running Small Block Eight tires. Since Priscilla and I both have those tires, that tread pattern on the trail was pretty easy recognize.

After our ride, we headed into town and got some grub…There’s this Chinese Food place in Idyllwild, actually its the ONLY Chinese Food place there. The owner of this restaurant is some sort of world renowned chef that has cooked for former presidents and people like Dolly Parton…Anyhow, the food was awesome! As we all know, eating after a good ride is the best way to cap off a great day.

Our trip to Idyllwild was great. It was actually our 12th anniversary! Yup, Priscilla has put up with me for 12 WONDERFUL years! We’re definitely going to come back to Hurkey Creek, but this time we’re going to camp there.

As usual, I created a short video using the Vholdr and my digi cam.

RL Policar

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9 thoughts on “Idyllwild Ride Report Day 2

  1. The cam is around $380…but here’s the kicker. It crapped out on me during the first day. I think I just ran out of batteries, so I’ll have to try it again.

  2. Weather was nice. The whole weekend didn’t dip no more than 85 or so. But what’s weird is, the sun is hot, but there’s a cool breeze the whole time.

    On Saturday, we started at 8am and rode until 10am…got lost. By 9am things got warm.

    On Sunday we started at 7am and got through the trail in about 1:25. So we missed the heat.

  3. Yeah, it was a great ride out there. And there’s actually a lot of trails out there…we tried to stick with what we mapped out so we that wouldn’t get TOO lost out there. But I can’t wait to go ride out there again. Wish it was a little closer so we could just run up for the day. This is definitely a Joe trail. You would have loved the downhill section!!! I can totally picture you and RL flying down that trail like no ones business!

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