How to meet chicks while riding…

If you’re single and looking to meet a special lady that mountain bikes, here are a few sure fire way to get her attention!

The best way to impress women on the trail is to wear spandex. For some odd reason there are TONS of women that love guys in tights. But what sets it over the top is having a mullet for your hairstyle. Don’t even bother wearing a helmet, how do you expect the ladies to see your sweet hair under that style crusher…
This fella met his soul mate while out riding trails in the South. Now they are happily married with a son…or is that a daughter…

Chicks also dig it when you call them “Sweet Heart” when you’re passing them on your left. When you pass them remember to do the whole hand shaped like a gun thing in which you go wink at them and pretend to shoot them while making that sound car sales men make when they want to make you a deal…

At this point you should now be getting some of the ladies to pay attention to you. When they roll their eyes at you, that means they’re SUPER interested.

When this happens its good to try and talk to them. Talk mostly about you and never let them interrupt you. You have to establish who the “man” is and who wears the pants early on. Women love it when men talk about how strong they are, and how much faster they are than their buddies or how much money they make or what kind of car they drive. If you live at home with mom and dad and you’re over 35, then your chances of getting her phone number goes way up!For some reason, women LOVE men that still live with their parents. Nothing says ” I love Mom and Dad” more than living with them when you’re approaching your 40’s.

One final tactic you can try. Join a group ride, and wear a custom made (that means you made it) T-Shirt that reads “I’m Single!” You have to make sure that your lettering is done with puffy paint. Then in the back of the shirt would be your email and phone number. Women love creative guys!

Ok, I feel like I’ve set you up for success! Make sure you let us know how it goes, Go get em’ Tiger!

11 Replies to “How to meet chicks while riding…”

  1. What is this about or who is this about? did you get burnned by someone? This article feels a bit insecure?? Why would you wirte about something like this? Rl i find it very taseless.

  2. You did not mention the bright colored head band. You know, the ones that were yellow, light blue, or light green.

    80’s…what were we thinking…

  3. Ben,

    After you met Carrie with the techniques mentioned above, did you hang up your head band? Will you be passing that along to your son so someday he can meet a special lady himself?

  4. I am teaching them to put their collar up, unbutton their shirt half way down, and wear a gold chain. Of course, they may not get to meet that ‘special’ chick until they have that bushy hair on their chest.

  5. Ohh man RL I am so tempted to play with this picture in Photoshop…

    Priscilla maybe you can provide me with a really embarrassing picture of RL so I can give him a mullet?

  6. This is totally hilarious! I raced Sea Otter XC last year and got dusted by alot of women passing me. Maybe this year I’ll use some of your great advice (haha).

    Nice to see good mtb sites out there for fun and info..

    First time to this site and will come back often to see what’s happening.


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