Don’t be stupid

Don’t be stupid and pet mountain lion cubs…

PORTOLA HILLS, Calif. (KABC) — A hiker was injured by a mountain lion after allegedly petting one of three cubs near Portola Hills in Orange County.

It happened when the hiker was out for a walk and came across three mountain lion cubs. Allegedly, even though the man knew the mother mountain lion was nearby, he pet one of the cubs. That’s when the mountain lion lunged at the man and scratched him.

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And from what I hear, they’ve closed down Whiting Ranch to complete the search for the cougar.

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  1. maybe he was suicidal? seriously, that has got to be the dumbest things I’ve read in a while. Even if you don’t see the mom, you never pet a wild cub anything…. let a lone a mountain lion.

  2. Seriously. Because of this Fuckwad’s actions we’ll loose another one of our most rare and beautiful cats.

    The current murder rate for mountain lions is about 2-per-year here in Southern Cal.

    I’ve seen wackos actual argue that we should go out and destroy everyone one of these animals so they won’t have to worry about their children being snatched in the middle of suburbia. This really burns my ass.

  3. IDIOT! Now the rangers have to find the cats and move them to a new home at tax payer’s expense. And if they don’t find the cats hikers and bikers better be careful since the mother is going to be more protective. Great… I vote for this guy to get a Darwin Award.

  4. Saw this in the news too, apparently the guy was able to reach a near by USA gas station and they were the ones who called 911…

    But yeah, if this is real I dont think he’ll get the Darwin Award–he lived…

  5. That tools story doesn’t add up. Petting mountain lion cubs? Like the cubs would stand still for that? No way.

  6. According to the late news, though the man (he looks homeless BTW) is obviously injured, wild life experts say that his injuries are not consistent with a cougar attack.

    Reminds me of a hoax not too long ago… 🙂

  7. I knew it was a hoax even before the news report. Obviously this moron did not pet the cubs and then “only” got scratched by the lion.

    He would never have been able to get close enough in the first place. And even if he did, that mother lion would have torn him a part.

  8. You didnt fool me suckers.

    In fact, I am offended that the mtnbikeriders would post a hoax story like this. I have friends who are environmental protective officers (EPO) and they told me that they put their life on the line everyday to protect species like mt. lions, rattle snakes, etc here in the state of California.

    Any reasonable person would know that.

    I expect that an apology should be issued by the mtnbikeriders who posted a hoax story that man who claims he pet cute, cuddley little mt. lion cubs and was attacked.

    Hoax Attacks like this are offensive and disrespectful to people who really do try to pet wild animals and end up killed, mamed or physically disfigured.

    Handicap people deserve respect. We are not stupid.

  9. Hey Jeremy,
    I dont know if you remember me, my names Ben, but i worked at two wheeler dealer in brea and just wanted to drop by and see how everything is going for you and the biking world

  10. To Sam, Sniper (I’m sure you guys are with Evomo)

    But if you’re offended, I’m not saying sorry, neither is the staff of Have you ever seen mountain lion cubs? DUDE, they are super cute, why wouldn’t you want to pet them or cuddle, they’re are the superest, coolest animals in the world!

    As far as Hanidcap people, nothing but love for you folks. Heck, some of my best friends are handicap, look at Moe, he’s Mexican.

  11. WTF???? What does being Mexican have to do with being handicapped???? Just because some of us can’t speak English does not mean we are handicapped…. just phonetically challenged….

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