The Most Important DIY WORKS!

Remember the “How To” I did a few days ago where I removed my daughter’s training wheels and cranks? Well we’ve been practicing for a couple of days and I am very proud to say that my 5 year old Aleah is riding on her own!

The whole point of this DIY was to teach my daughter balancing. Most kids when they start learning how to ride are too distracted on learning how to pedal first and not knowing how to balance the bike. So if you teach your child in the reverse order, you’ll have more success.

One of the practice drills we did was to have her push herself from one crack on the sidewalk to another. Eventually she would push and not have her feet touch the ground for at least 6 feet at a time.

I also taught her that she needed to move her hips to counter the bike when it starts to fall. If you are teaching your child how to ride and haven’t had any luck, try this. It really works!


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