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Originally Moe had the Thudbuster LT to test but he is currently in the process of selling his hardtail so I’ve been getting in some seat-time on it, literally. For those of you who are not familiar with the device, the Thudbuster is a suspension seatpost that gives about 3 inches of cushion.

When I first got it from Moe, I spent some time determining which elastomers to use for my weight. Because I was without the manual (RL had it in his garage), it took me a bit of time to figure out that the black/black setup would work best for me. But even without the manual, I was able to replace the elastomers easily because the suspension is pretty straight forward.

I’ve been riding the Thudbuster for a little over a week now and I have to admit that it has been an extremely welcome addition to my 29er hardtail. Here are some of my quick first impressions:

– The extra weight is not noticeable.
– It takes the chatter out of a hardtail ride and allows me to sit during parts of my ride I normally would have to stand.
– It easily adjusts to your weight by using different elastomers.
– It’s also easy to set your preferred seat angle.
– I think it looks cool, not dorky as some purists might think.
– The Lizard Skins cover does a good job of keeping the Thudbuster clean.

Thudbuster Covered
Thudbuster on a ride at El Moro, CA

A more thorough review will be written as I spend more time on the Thudbuster. In the meantime here is some information from the Thudbuster website:

* 3″ of ultra-plush travel
* Only 565-585 grams (610 grams or 4XL)
* 1-year warranty
* Unique US Patented design
* New CNC-machined aluminum alloy linkage
* New 1-piece forged tube and receptor
* New larger-diameter stainless-steel pivot pins
* New Teflon® coated pivot bushings
* New super-strong, twin-bolt, micro-adjust saddle clamp
* Complete 6-piece Double Barrel elastomer kit
* Illustrated installation and tuning guide
* Choice of tubing diameters

Check it out here and keep checking back for the full review.

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