A Return to Rigid

eXotic Carbon rigid fork

Today was a beautiful morning to put in some mountain biking time on the recently installed eXotic carbon 29er fork. I went to my nearby trail while it was still dark and put in a slow paced 8 miles.

Carbon weave… oh so pretty

It’s funny because my body seemed to subconsciously realize that I am not training for a race. I don’t know why or how but after 5 minutes of riding I found myself going real soft and smooth. I wasn’t at my normal “push myself? speed. I’m sure it wasn’t the new fork because a few days earlier I took it out for a ride and I was pushing it pretty hard. It was a little odd not having the constant desire to push myself and see if I could get my fastest time possible on this route. Rather on hills that I’d usually choose a middle gear in the back, I chose a lower gear. On parts that I would normally blast down and “deftly? carve, I gently rolled through and enjoyed the scenery. It was nice.

Nice crown

It was especially nice with the carbon fork. My previous time on a rigid fork was a steel fork that the Mono 9 came with. The steel fork was very nice. It made me a believer in riding rigid. And now that I have this carbon fork I’m enjoying my rigid days again.

Crossing a bridge, the eXotic fork was raring to go