A Return to Rigid

eXotic Carbon rigid fork

Today was a beautiful morning to put in some mountain biking time on the recently installed eXotic carbon 29er fork. I went to my nearby trail while it was still dark and put in a slow paced 8 miles.

Carbon weave… oh so pretty

It’s funny because my body seemed to subconsciously realize that I am not training for a race. I don’t know why or how but after 5 minutes of riding I found myself going real soft and smooth. I wasn’t at my normal “push myself? speed. I’m sure it wasn’t the new fork because a few days earlier I took it out for a ride and I was pushing it pretty hard. It was a little odd not having the constant desire to push myself and see if I could get my fastest time possible on this route. Rather on hills that I’d usually choose a middle gear in the back, I chose a lower gear. On parts that I would normally blast down and “deftly? carve, I gently rolled through and enjoyed the scenery. It was nice.

Nice crown

It was especially nice with the carbon fork. My previous time on a rigid fork was a steel fork that the Mono 9 came with. The steel fork was very nice. It made me a believer in riding rigid. And now that I have this carbon fork I’m enjoying my rigid days again.

Crossing a bridge, the eXotic fork was raring to go

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  1. So…can you feel a difference between steel and carbon? I know the carbon is way lighter, but what other things can you experience when riding a carbon rigid?

  2. Jeremy i totally agree, when i put the Origin 8 carbon fork on my XXIX, at first i hammered it too, but then i realized i didnt have to ready myself to and then maul the trail, carbon forks are amazing, smooth, almost No trail chadder, allowing me to relax and concentrate more. just saturday i rode a trail that i was unsuccessful at riding on a 26″ hardtail with 100mm travel.

  3. Yup, the steel definitely had a bit more chadder/chatter than the carbon. The carbon does seem to smooth out some of the little stuff, which is great. The carbon is also surprisingly stiff for its light weight. I’m looking forward to taking it on one of my favorite parts of the trail to really test its torsional rigidity though.

    Quinn: The Origin 8 specs look very similar to the eXotic and the dropouts look to be the same too…
    In regards to the trail you rode with the carbon fork, you killed it because of the 29er. Didn’t you know? 29ers make everything easier, even Calculus. 😉

  4. I recently put a carbon fork on my 26″ and I’m not sure if it was a good idea but I like it though its pretty rough on the hands and wrist.

  5. Alex, I agree with the hands & wrist. That would be the main reason to go back to suspension IMO. Otherwise, I love the benefits: precision, no dive. How long have you had the carbon fork on the 26″ bike for? Have you tried wider tires with less air? That’d give you a little “suspension” and may be able to take off a little more bite from the trail.

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