So there I was at Wally World…

I went to Wally World earlier this morning to get a plumbing snake and toothpaste. I decided to check out their bikes and take a few shots while I was there.

The Schwinn Sidewinder 2.6 FS.

This is the full suspension Next Power Climber! This one retails for about $75. Look how messed up the assembly job is on this bike. The handle bars are twisted back.

Another full suspension mountain bike.

They even had some kids bikes that were made to look like motorcycles. I actually like this one. Man what I would have given to get one of these when I was kid…Check out the front disc brake.

This one kinda reminds me of a female version of the Ibex B27 bike.

There’s a Schwinn mountain bike. This one was about $99.

Check out this little boy’s bike that looks like a downhiller.

What sucks about these bikes is that they are poorly assembled by “bike mechanics and assemblers.” The price point is so deceiving, a consumer not educated in the ways of a bike may think that $75 for a full suspension bike is a great deal. But in reality once you take these bikes out on the trails, wheels get bent, gears mis-shift and they are super heavy!


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