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I went with some of my buddies to Chino Hills State Park for a ride this weekend. We did a 16 mile loop that included a mixture of fire road and singletrack.

One of my good friends got to try mountain biking for the first time (he rode about 12 of the 16 miles, go Keith!). And although I was a bit apprehensive about taking him on this loop as his first, he ended up doing very well. I was able to borrow an Ibex Ignition for his first ride.

Ibex Ignition

The weather made the ride very interesting. The sun was out, but it hadn’t reached all the parts of the trail yet. As we rode South Rim, a rolling fireroad that runs east-west along the southern portion of Telegraph Canyon, we rode into and out of a fog bank that wasn’t completely burned off by the sun yet. The high points of the rolling trail would be hot because of the sun but the low points were cool because of the fog.

The fog also limited visibility at times but it had a side benefit of keeping us cooler during a steep climb that I previously did hike-a-bike on.

Lastly, the weather also contributed to a very surreal feeling (at least for me). There is one point, where there are usually sweeping vistas of Yorba Linda, Anaheim Hills and the city of Orange. But this time, when we go to that point, all we could see was an impenetrable fog that seem to have made everything disappear.

Sorry no pictures of this ride. My camera is on the fritz. I hope to get it fixed asap.

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