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RST 29er Suspension Fork

Jenson USA is offering 29er RST suspension fork for $86.75. Why is this significant?

This is actually very significant to 29er fans because it now lowers the barrier of entry for non-29er riders to get onto a 29 inch bike. Having this low end fork available allows manufacturers to spec out cheaper (think sub $500) 29″ bikes.

Cheaper bikes means more people with a “few hundred” dollar budget will be able to purchase an entry level 29er and give it a whirl before they drop more money on a better spec’d bike. This also means that more 26″ mountain bikers can get on a cheap 29er and see for themselves that 29ers are not just a fad, but that they do have certain built in advantages over 26″ mountain bikes.

This RST 29er fork can only be a good thing for 29er fans everywhere.

Here are the specs on the RST 29er fork:

RST Macro T6 29″
* Brake Type: Linear Pull – Canti,Disc
* 51mm I.S. Front
* 700c Wheel only
* Travel: 76 mm
* Weight: 4.3 lbs
* Steer tube not included
* 11/8

And for more info, check it out here.

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