KMX X Class Down Hill Fun

action082-1.jpgA few weeks ago a few friends from church and I headed up to our friend’s cabin for a weekend retreat. I took along the KMX X Class with me to have a little fun. So check this out, there were 6 grown men ages range from 29-42 that took turns riding the X Class down the side of the hill.

The video doesn’t do the KMX justice. When you’re riding that thing, it feels like you’re going faster than it looks. By the way, watch for the guy in the burgundy hoodie, that’s me…and I get hurt. Basically what happened was, I took the KMX further up the hill thinking that I can have more fun. But you’ll see in the video that I loose control.

We only had a small strip of ground to ride on, so we all had to hit the brakes as soon as we passed the finish line, which was the trash can. Otherwise we would have ended up falling off the road since there’s a 15 ft drop across the street.

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