Tag Wheels Installed

Ever since we got these Tag Wheels, I’ve been itching to install them and I finally did!

We’re using the Woodstock 707 as the guinea pig for this review.

Moe came by that afternoon and gave the wheels a shot.

Then yesterday I had to come in for a few hours at work. Since my office is only 15 minutes away from Aliso Woods, I decided to drive down to the trail head give the Tag Wheels a short work out.

I ended up only having enough time to go up Lynx and come back down again.

Side profile of the front wheel.

Rear wheel.

These wheels are anti-weight weenie. For all of you guys that measure every gram that goes on your bike, don’t even bother considering these wheels. These wheels are about 4lbs a piece. But they are extremely strong!

I guess you’ll have to sacrifice one for another, light or strong. Personally I’m don’t care so much about the weight of my bike, I always say…�as long as it works, I can ride it.�

Ran the the air pressure at about 30psi yesterday on the rear wheel. I was hoping to hit a few rocks or take a jump where the tire bottoms out and the rim takes a whack. That goal was accomplished as I was heading down Lynx, towards the end of it there is this jump that will launch you pretty high up in the air if you hit it just right.

Well, I did hit it just right and when I landed I felt a big thud! Luckily I didn’t get a pinch flat from it, but once I stopped I checked out the wheel to see if it would wobble or show any signs of it being untrue…guess what…that wheel was straight as an arrow! I was genuinely impressed with it.

I was getting alot of attention from people on the trails as well as people on the freeway (since I drove down there). Tag Wheels are a very unique looking. Some people love it, some hate it. I even got some hate from a local forum where these guys just kept attacking the credibility of the wheels, price and looks.

Here’s what funny about these guys at the forum, I offered them a chance to ride with these wheels…and they kept talking about how they would never ride these wheels and blah blah blah. So I’m here left thinking….how can you have such an opinion when you haven’t even tried them? Oh well, their loss.

Back to the wheels. Sure they’re a bit heavier especially when you’re climbing up a hill like Lynx. But for the most part I didn’t really feel that much of a weight difference while going down. Heck perhaps the extra weight helped in allowing me to gain more speed.

Anyway, that was one of many rides I’ll be doing with Tag Wheels. You notice how they perfectly match the Woodstock 707’s paint scheme?

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