TUESDAYS BREWS DAY -Old Rasputin Imperial Stout

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It’s that time again. Grab that bottle opener and pint glass and follow me!

Here come the cooler temperatures of fall and, with it, some nice riding weather. It’s just so much easier to stay out on the bike with a nice cool morning chill going. And after being beat into submission by the summer heat you might find yourself going on longer rides than you did before. Obviously, you’re going to need something to satisfy you thirst(after rehydrating the proper way of course) but who wants to drink a watered down bland beer. Personally those things give me headaches so I just don’t touch them. Where to find a worthy brew? Here, that’s where.

Old Rasputin Imperial Stout is an award winning brew produced by the North Coast Brewing Company which is hailed as one of the ten best breweries in the world. This is one of my favorite of their masterful brews. You might want to skip dinner and have this beer instead as it’s extremely rich tasting and dark as the night. Careful ladies, this one will put hair on your chest. It has a thick mouthfeel almost like an oatmeal stout and has a sweet taste with plenty of bitterness to balance it out. Having won several gold medals at the World Beer Championships, it has little to prove but will do just that when you take a sip of this monster of an imperial stout. Maybe keep a designated driver close if you’re having more than one. At 9% alcohol you’ll be feeling this one quickly.

I’d recommend this one go with some type of steak or hearty meal. Or you can throw it in your tubes as a Slime type of replacement! On second thought don’t do that. In any case, this is a full bodied imperial stout with massive amounts of flavor but be sure you like bitter beers. This one has 75 International Bitterness Units(IBUs) so it’ll grab your taste buds and work ‘em like the Incredible Hulk on an ecstasy trip.

If your a stout fan check this one out for an after ride brew. One of my very favorite stouts, and for good reason.

RL Policar

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