Tuesday Brews Day: Pete’s Wicked Strawberry Blonde

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As the previous Brews Days will show, I’m partial to darker beers. But, as promised, this brews day deal won’t be centralized in one style of brewing. Sure dark beers are great but, let’s be honest, it’s going to be tough sharing a dark stout with your wife/girlfriend/date when it’s thick enough to give you instant chest hair.  Ya, I have an authographed photo of Tom Selleck…so what!?

So today we’ll look at something the ladies can enjoy too. Pete’s Wicked started with a guy who was making wine but got discouraged by the long fermentation wait and decided to brew beer instead. His Strawberry Blonde is one their best. It’s made with wheat malts and has a touch of “natural” strawberry flavor. Though the word natural probably means chemical-based strawberry flavoring, you’ll find the drink quite refreshing. And the label looks pretty cool to boot.

If you can taste the difference between this and real strawberries then you have a more talented tongue than I do. Easy now, don’t let your mind wander! The smell and initial taste are of fresh strawberries. It really does taste like someone dumped a batch of scrumptious, fresh berries right in there. The drink finishes with a light, smooth hop and barley taste. While the finish is like a normal blonde, you’ll find this brew a unique and delicious treat.  My wife absolutely loves this beer so I feel safe recommending it for the females but don’t be shy fellas, you’ll enjoy this one too.

And what about that figure I’ve been riding my bike so hard to keep? One bottle is 160 calories, so skip that yogurt, save a cow’s udder, and have a Strawberry Blonde! It’s only 5.0% alcohol too so it’s okay, go ahead and have another. Cheers!

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