Ultimate AM Spotlight: Maxxis ADvantage tires

KHS AM2000 with Maxxis ADvantage Tires

Good rubber can make a world of difference when riding off road. Pick the wrong tire for the wrong terrain or the wrong conditions and it may ruin your ride. Maxxis sent us a pair of the ADvantage tires to slap on our Ultimate All Mountain project, my first impression of the tires was “What a big ass tire that is! They look like dirt motorcycle tires!” Although the tires may look like they are made for downhill, according to Maxxis, they were designed for aggressive XC riding.

Alison Dunlap designed the ADvantage as a high volume aggressive cross country tire that corners great on big side-knobs. It also climbs and brakes with authority thanks to the opposing parallelogram center tread design. Ramped center knobs keep rolling resistance minimal and the wide lug spacing sheds mud easily.

Here are the tire specs:

Tire Size:2 6×2.40
TPI: 60
Bead” Foldable
Max: 65
Weight: 845g
Durometer: 60a

Thumbs Up:
I’ve ridden with the ADvantage Tires on hardpack, loose sandy, rocky, wet and muddy conditions. The ADvantage tires excelled in most of them. Their high volume and big print allowed me to barrel thru most stuff, as I rode with the ADvantage tires, the thought of ‘who needs a 29er’ kept coming back to my mind. Besides barreling thru stuff, the tires also corner exceptionally well and riding thru sandy patches was never an issue. As far as climbing goes, well, the tires always stay hooked up, even when I stood up and pedal, however, the weight of the tires is VERY noticeable while climbing.

Thumbs Down: Yeah, the tires are heavy, in fact, the tires are heavier than my front rim! The weight is not an issue on the flats or when going down, but going up, you are going to sweat. The tires also didn’t fare well on muddy conditions, I got stuck on a mud patch and when I started riding, the tires still kept some of the mud making the ride a little slippery.

I must admit that the tires are a little overkill for the type of riding I do. In fact, they are way too heavy. However, I love them. Why? Since My MTB skills are not like RL’s, I need all the help I can get. I can roll thru anything on these tires, they also survived my ‘intimate encounter’ with the trees. Do I recommend them? Well, they are not for weight weenies, but if you are a rider that loves to go fast down hill or love to do the freeriding thing, the Maxxis ADvantage tires are a good investment.

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