Tuesday Brews Day: Samichlaus

With our group doing the race this weekend there was lots of talk about times, placing, etc. Always keeping in synch with the vibe of our crew, I found this wonderful little record setting brew. You heard right. Today’s brew is actually in the Guinness Book of World Records as the strongest beer in the world! I felt like Indiana Jones grabbing the Holy Grail as I placed this in my basket.

See our friend Santa on the label? Thanks Santa!

Any time you find a beer with a one word name…watch out! Samichlaus is actually the word for Santa Claus in the Swiss-German dialect of Zurich(where it’s made).  Switzerland is one of the few countries that separates the actual celebration of Santa Claus and gift giving from the holiday itself. It’s on that day, dubbed Saint Nicholas’ Eve, that this brew is made at Eggenberg Brewery. It’s only made once a year on December 6th and is left to ferment for 10 months. It’s processed by fermenting the beer in cold storage, also known as “lagering”.


A previous year’s brew with….a groundhog? wtf?

The brew itself is massively thick and creamy and drinks like a hearty maple syrup. It has a powerful sweetness that almost makes you want to disregard this beer as a sorry attempt at pancake syrup. But, MAN, is it good! Once you get past that initial taste there are full bodied, complex flavors of fruits and spices that’ll keep your lips glued to your mug.  But that’s not what I came here for right?

Eggenberg Brewery…holy ground

At 14% alcohol(various batches will be closer to 15%, though all are at least 14%) this brew sneaks up on you like an industrial bulldozer. As I sat in my recliner I found myself quickly fading into a good nap. Either this is a fantastic beer, or it’s the after effects of the 14% coercing my mind into believing it is. Hey, whatever works. If you need some extra sleep or are up to the task of taking on the reigning world heavyweight of beer…look no further. Strap on your gloves and get ready for the fight or your life. Just be ready to lose.

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