Metal in the Carbon Superfly?

Yes and apparently it’s not long enough.

Gary Fisher’s new carbon hardtail 29er, the Superfly, has a metal sleeve in the seat tube. Apparently the sleeve is a little too short and is causing the seat post to rock back and forth inside the seat tube even if the collar is cranked on correctly.

If you’re the owner of a Superfly (I’m envious of you) and it’s a Small or Medium, then the sleeve should be 120mm long. If its a Large or X-Large, the sleeve should be 140mm long.

You currently have two options:
1. Ride the bike and Gary Fisher will replace the frame, if it has the short metal sleeve.

2. Bring in the frame and Gary Fisher will replace it, again assuming you have the short metal sleeve.

Notice that this is not a recall and is not shown on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Recall Announcement webpage.

For more info, contact your local Gary Fisher dealer, here.

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