The Power of a 6 Pack

Most people do not give a 6 pack of beer enough credit in this world. Just think about it, a 6 pack can get almost anyone to do something for you…for just a few bucks.

You can literally ask someone to help you move your whole house for the cost of one 6 pack of their favorite beer. You can also get some one to do you favors…not that kind perv…for a 6 pack. Let’s say you’re not mechanically inclined and need your wheel trued. So you call your buddy to see if he can do the work for you…but you don’t offer him money, you offer him a 6 pack. You just say it like this…”Hey Khoa…how’s it going? Can you true my wheel for me? I’ll get you a 6 pack!” Most likely the answer is a yes.

Now what if you’re the buddy that is being asked for the favor. Well if you think about it, you scored! You get to choose your favorite beer, plus the work you’re being asked to do usually don’t take much effort. Just like the example above, if I asked Khoa about truing and I offer to pay him, he can easily say…”just get me a 6 pack of Sam Adams!” See how easy that works?

Though usually this will only work with good friends. I doubt that if you take your bike to the LBS that you’ve never been to and offer the 6 pack that they’ll take you seriously. They may take the 6 pack, but charge you afterwards.

This does work…Lance just scored a full face helmet and a few things from Moe just by using a 6 pack. Heck Priscilla just scored some Avid BB5’s with the use of a 6 pack…unleash the power of the 6 pack today!

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