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This past weekend I took my kids and dog to my sister’s house out in the high desert of SoCal to a city called Phelan. We’ve had some crazy weather here and occasionally it will snow where my sister lives. Even though she lives in the desert, the city is about 3500-4000 feet high.

My original plan was to try and build a pump track out there. So I brought shovel and rakes and ofcourse the bike. We stopped off at a cafe, which is next to Wrightwood to take some pictures of the snow. My youngest Aleah has never touched snow, and this provided a perfect time for her to see how it feels.

Here’s the full suspension single speed Woodstock 707.

We then drove into town and pulled over again so the kids can play a bit in the snow. Besides I wanted to ride my bike through it!

Bizarre weather brought so much snow to SoCal.

Here’s Alyssa and Aleah making snow balls to throw at me.

We finally got to my sister’s place. She own a big piece of land…which was free of snow. She gave me free reign to build what ever I wanted related to bikes and dirt. So with the help of my 3 kids and 2 nephews, we dug up the desert ground to try and create a pump track.

After a few hours or digging, shaping and testing, we found that the desert ground was too sandy and wet for the dirt to get packed down. At one point I hit one of the berms then onto a roller, but the roller was too soft, my front wheel dug in and I went over the bars…

I was a little bummed that we couldn’t get it right. But I’m going to come back when the ground is a bit drier and see if it makes a difference. So for now, my pump track dreams are put on hold.

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