Mountain Biking in the Snow?

Buuurrrrrr. It’s turning out to be a cold winter. And many of you out there are bravin the snow on your bikes! Our very own Randy recently lived in Pennsylvania and he didn’t let the snow get in his way! Check out his “Chillin” post! And feel free to share any of your snow adventures with us! Anyone else out there mountain biking in the snow?

You can read Randy’s post here.

3 Replies to “Mountain Biking in the Snow?”

  1. Hello from Colorado. Here it’s not uncommon to ride at very high altitude on very hard packed snowy trails. Just today (10-25-08) we rode the well known Sourdough Trail with only just a bit of snow, but quite fine. At over 9000′ altitude it’s a good introduction to what lays ahead. Perhaps you’d someday visit and be quite thrilled… Best regards, Michael. Someday I’d like to try and share pics of our adventures!

  2. Hello from Northern VA. We’ve been riding out in the snow and recently, ice, pretty regularly to and from our shop we work at. Good gear is about the only thing making it still enjoyable. We’re rockin’ the Snotcycle Race, out in Leesburg, VA for pretty much the first race of the season, and it’s tomorrow! Preview ride was this evening and it looks like the track’s gonna be a mix between a straight up slab of ice and frozen tracks from tonight. We’re still out there though. Ride it! Don’t hide it!

  3. Hello from Wisco- ie Wisconsin! Yeah for riding in the snow. I am about to hit the trails tomorrow for the first time in the winter. I usually keep it to the pavement in the winter months but i got a crazy bug to get out and try it, and our winters are way too long not to take advantage of it.

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