Thursday Tech Tip: Cold Weather Clothing on a Budget

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I’m one of those guys that don’t necessarily believe in buying cycling specific cold weather clothing. Heck, just use what you’ve got and save some money.

So here’s how my cold weather clothing works. I take a long sleeve base layer that I bought from Walmart ($8). This is similar to UnderArmor, but at a fraction of the cost. I then take a cotton Tshirt and wear it over the base.

That current set up will keep me warm in temperatures around 50 degrees. The base layer wicks moisture away from my skin, but the cotton T doesn’t let too much cold air hit my body. Keeps me nice and comfy.

If the temperature is around 35-40 degrees, then I throw on an exercise jacket that I got from Old Navy for $12.

The jacket isn’t too thick to where it would over heat me. The material on it is woven pretty loosely, so that means enough air can reach my body…but not too much. I found that the trick that makes all this work would be the cotton t shirt. I’m not a fan of biking jerseys, well for one, I hate how they fit, plus jerseys are too light to wear. They are designed to let air and moister pass, which make them terrible for cold days. But I digress, use a cheap base layer from wally word, a cotton t and possibly a light jacket and you’re set! This tip just saved you some dough! Heck cycling jackets can cost up to $100! Dang, go use that money and take your wife out to dinner or something….

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I was wondering where or how I was going to get some new gear. I had some great name-brand older stuff that’s finally, after 10 years of hard service, given up on me. Finances are tighter now, and your advice give the right perspective.

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